Sydney creative Rich Brophy and Frothonauts collective launch Plugsley thong repair kit

Plugsley burst plug.jpgWhat could be more Australian than this? It fixes thongs, it opens beers and it's made from Australian steel in a Chinese factory. Sydney creative Rich Brophy from WiTH Collective, is hoping to bring an end to the quintessential Australian problem of 'blowing a plug', with Plugsley, a thong repair kit currently on crowdfunding platform Kickstarter.

The Aussie invention is a simple steel card that slips into your wallet. Contained within are two different clips that pop out to secure a busted thong in no time at all.
Plugsley snapped plug.jpgAccording to the Brophy it's as simple as "twist, fix and flop on".

Plugsley comes in two styles; one a plain silver card, and the other with an Australian-shaped bottle opener.

If successful, Plugsley is earmarked to ship early December, making it the perfect Christmas gift for any flip-flop fiend.

The team behind Plugsley is the Frothonauts, a rapid Plugsley Product shot.jpginnovation collective born in a Bondi shed and now based in Darlinghurst, Sydney. The group, co-founded by Brophy, began working on the problem after identifying there was no immediate solution to a broken thong.

Says Brophy: "With summer approaching, we decided something needed to be done about broken thongs. They always break at the worst of times. and all you can do is chuck them away. When it's hot enough to fry an egg, the last thing you need is to go barefoot."

Fellow Frothonaut, engineer Wolle Dueck, believes the environmental impact could be huge.

Says Dueck: "This first run of Plugsley could save around 10,000 pairs of thongs from Australian landfill this summer alone. That's a decent chunk of rainforest that won't get chopped down."

The Frothonauts.jpgThe soundtrack to the crowdfunding video is also true blue, performed by Adelaide busker Pipe Guy with a pair of thongs on some old plumbing pipes.

Frothonauts' other co-founder, Sacha Pantchenko, was also the brains behind one of Australia's most successful crowdfunding campaigns to date, the Butter-up butter knife; a knife designed to spread hard butter which raised over $200k in June last year.
To back the project or to learn more, click here.


Kent Johnson said:

If only the Euro zone had such rich culture, no wonder they all want to come here. Beer and thongs, brilliant! Next, climate change, I can feel it!

Clive said:

Genius! Love it. Nice one Rich and team...

Ben said:

All you need to do is buy a loaf of bread for the plastic clip at the end. Plus you can the feed the seagulls/have lunch.

Bevo said:

Onya Richoooooooooo

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