TAB launches new 'More Than Just Winning' campaign via Whybin\TBWA Group Sydney

IMG_2025.jpgTabcorp has launched the new positioning for its TAB brand via Whybin\TBWA Group Sydney.

The 'TAB. More Than Just Winning' campaign forms the backbone of all of the brand's key communications which started with a new marketing push during the football finals and is continuing during the spring racing carnival.

The new campaign twists the conventions of Australian sports coverage and interviews by treating customers' experiences of the TAB as if they were sporting and racing moments.

Says Tracy Marshment, TAB's GM of wagering marketing: "More Than Just Winning is a great summation of the TAB brand's philosophy and appeal. We are about more than just the result itself. Our benefit to the customer is two fold: the stories and experiences that happen between friends when they bet together and the great products, innovations, guidance and value that TAB offers beyond the result."

Says Wesley Hawes, executive creative director, Whybin\TBWA: "We love the new More Than Just Winning positioning for TAB. It's a big, brave platform idea that gets off the pitch and the track and instead focuses on our customers' real stories and experiences.  All we've done is use the language of sports coverage but turned the cameras around from the event itself in order to capture these genuine moments with our punters."

The fully integrated campaign will be supported via multiple channels including TV, digital, social, press, point-of-sale, experiential, radio and CRM.

Agency: Whybin\TBWA Group Sydney
Executive Creative Directors: Gary McCreadie & Wesley Hawes
Digital Creative Director: Russ Tucker
Creative Director: Mark Cimarosti
Senior Creatives: Ken Buchan & Clive Blackstone; Dave Roberts & Tim Chenery
Executive Planning Director: Hristos Varouhas
Account Directors: Richie Taaffe
Campaign Managers: Hugh Fletcher, Charlie Kelly & Ben Shapcott
TV Production: Rachel Solomon & Jennifer Glendining
Print Production: Jonathan Pitcher & Nick Lilley
Production Company: Jungle Boys
Director: Scott Pickett
Post Production: Fin
Sound Design: Nylon
Photographer: Gerrard Needham
Media: OMD Sydney & Atomic 212 Group


oscar said:

whybins sydney are on roll

phil said:

I'm not a betting fan but have to admit this is a good... way better than some of the stuff other betting companies have out at the moment

On a roll? said:

Don't think so. This is the usual cheesy Jungle Boys

Struth said:

@ On a roll did you pitch on this and lose by any chance? I think most importantly these are a departure from chauvinistic, blokey betting ads, which makes all the competitors completely blend in to one. Nice to see something different attempted in a very homogenised category.

Gambling board said:

'More than just winning'. Is that legal?

Ben said:

Very ordinary fare.....low on entertainment, should have been better, don't think this work supports the theory 'they are on a roll,'

Gambling bored said:

+1 on Gambling board. 'More than just winning' is criminal.

The only saving grace is a lower f**kwit count than usual in casting.

Old CD Guy said:

Oh come on! Gambling is only about winning. Or more accurately, losing. Fuck me, has the world gone mad? Normalising betting is one of the great evils of our time. Making it easier and faster to lose money plays into the hands of the evil gambling empires, not the punters. Oh, and these ads? Noisy wallpaper with soooo much going on but nothing that sticks.

Come on said:

@Old CD Guy... you're a proper negative advertising troll. What makes the gambling category worse than the alcohol category, or any other category. There seems to be a stigma in adland with betting advertising, yet there are many more addictions in the world other than gambling addiction. Beer ads are seen as 'cool' but gambling ads are seen as 'evil'. Makes no sense to me.

in defense of @old cd guy said:

Old CD guy ain't no troll.
He's a guy who likes to see work held to a certain standard.
When he thinks work is bad, he generally explains why.
Don't think he's saying gambling ads are necessarily bad, just think he's saying the way you've approached it is. In YOUR defense, there's very few good ways to promote giving your money away.
I'm sick of this industry back slapping and applauding over average work.
More ppl need to yell and scream and more ppl need to say no.
At the end of the day, average work (not this in particular) is average work and we should all be held accountable.
You can blame it on the client but then why didn't you educate them or manage their expectations.
It's a tough time for this industry in every aspect but i feel like we can do better.

That guy said:

The difference between this and alcohol advertising is alcohol advertising doesn't say 'Alcohol. More than just getting laid.' They're not allowed.

Implying you'll win with a line 'More than just winning' feels wrong on all levels. If it is up to the boards standards then the rules need to be rewritten.

Hashtag Nailed It said:

That Guy. Totally nailed it.

Someone's made a massive cock up letting this line through. If the ASB had any actual 'standards' this should be pulled.

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