Bishopp's dirty chooks make you look in new re-positioning work via Rumble Creative & Media

6.jpgQueensland outdoor media provider, Bishopp, has today launched its new visual identity and positioning through Brisbane independent agency, Rumble Creative & Media.

Derived from the well known and distinctly Australian saying, the campaign sees a trio of 'dirty chooks' doing what they do best to grab the public's attention, with all set to feature across Bishopp's available outdoor spaces, online and other collateral.

7.jpgRumble creative duo, Bec McCall and Rhys Venning, hatched the idea, gave it wings with the help of Illusion, Bangkok.

Says McCall, art director: "For Bishopp, it was important to be strikingly visual and entertaining within their own medium, and the level of craft had to be 9.jpgworld-class. Working with Illusion, we were able to create incredible characters for each of the chooks. From the pun-ished logos on the watches to the subtle nicks in the chooks' wattles, they truly delivered on all fronts, and feathers."

Says Brad Bishopp, CEO, Bishopp: "Obviously the best way to sell outdoor is to demonstrate its impact with great creative. Bishopp prides itself on working with our clients to deliver great 10.jpgcreative, so when it comes to promoting ourselves, the bar is already high.   

"We had so much fun working with Rumble on this campaign. A 6-metre chook with attitude is pretty much impossible to ignore."

Says James Burchill, creative partner, Rumble: "It's been a big year for Rumble and we're so fortunate to work with bold clients who want to stand out and be noticed. From 11.jpgcreating new products such as the Ugly Xmas Rashie for Cancer Council Queensland to classic outdoor campaigns like this for Bishopp, it's great to be partnering with clients who love advertising and ideas as much as we do."

Bishopp's 'made you look' campaign will be rolled out in its entirety over coming weeks.  

Bishopp Outdoor
Managing Director & CEO: Brad Bishopp
COO & CFO: Brendan Hawes
Sales Manager: Luke Franklin    
Marketing: David Graham (Ether Digital)    
12.jpgRumble Creative & Media, Brisbane
Managing Partner: Remy Brassac
Creative Partners: Nancy Hartley & James Burchill
Art Director: Bec McCall
Copywriter: Rhys Venning
Production: Illusion, Bangkok
Photography: Illusion, Bangkok


Ginpop said:

Winner winner!

Lana Hall said:

Bbbbbrilliant work!

New AD guy said:

yeah i'd buy it

EWING said:

Great creative Rumble ... OOH needs great creative so it is memorable and discussed by the man ( and woman ) in the street

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