Sense designs bottle + packaging for Melbourne Moonshine's high-end hooch 'Sour Mash Shine'

melbourne-moonshine-1-small_0.jpgThis week, boutique white lightning distiller Melbourne Moonshine has launched its inaugural liquor offering, Sour Mash Shine.

Inspired by the moon and those fabulous copper stills (and fuelled by a little moonshine) the Sense team designed the unique bottle and packaging, including the label and packing boxes to transport the precious liquid.

A new take on the Southern tradition of moonshine distilling, Melbourne Moonshine is a deliciously warm and smooth spirit that packs a punch harder than any Appalachian backyard boxer.
melbourne-moonshine-2-small_2.jpgThe drop, distilled in South Melbourne, is imbued with the sleeves-up hard work of its owners in every aspect of its creation, from turning corn mash to booze via hand-beaten copper stills to slinging their wares at some of Melbourne's most discerning venues and retailers.

Says David Whiteside, a director at Sense: melbourne-moonshine-3-small_3.jpg"This is a business built on passion and a genuine love for what they do, which is something we can relate to. The recipe for Melbourne Moonshine has been passed down through one of the owners' family for generations - what they have is a spirit of exceptionally high quality that deserves respect."

To help people explore the spirit, Melbourne Moonshine collaborated with Black Pearl's mixologist Nathan Beasley to develop a signature series of cocktails. You can check out the recipes (and mugshots of the drinks) at - the Melbourne Moonshine microsite, also created by Sense.

Client: Melbourne Moonshine
Agency: Sense
Creative Director: Guillaume Roux
Copywriter: Rebecca Sloan
Designer: Vincent Casey
Photographer: Gavin Green
Developer: Josh Stopper
Digital Producer: Matt Howsam
Account Manager: Xanthea Grose


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