Slurpee turns sound into cups for BYO Cup Day in a new campaign via Leo Burnett Melbourne

Sound Cup - Leo Burnett Melbourne.jpgCase Study: Slurpee BYO Cup Day, the day fans can bring in any item they want to use as a makeshift Slurpee cup, has always been about pushing people's creativity.

To announce the event this year, Slurpee and Leo Burnett Melbourne set out to create cups out of the seemingly impossible: sound.

The process began with recording three radio ads for this year's BYO Cup Day, each with a voice-over and distinct soundscape in the background: a Viking opera, a football stadium full of cheering fans, and the mating calls of two 'frisky' whales.

Using a suite of digital 3D modeling tools, the soundwaves from the radio ads were vectorised to create the shapes of the cups. The voice-over determined the circumference of the cups' rims, while the peaks and troughs of the sound effects created each cup's unique height and body shape, before all the soundwaves were meshed together.

Sound Cup - Leo Burnett Melbourne 2.jpgSays Jason Williams, ECD, Leo Burnett Melbourne: "Slurpee BYO Cup Day is now an event where fans are the creators and they prove their ingenuity every year. Sound Cup is just another way to stimulate their imaginations and inspire cup creativity."

Fans could download the 3D file and print a Sound Cup themselves, or win one on Slurpee's Facebook page to drink, for the first time ever, out of cups made of sound for BYO Cup Day.

Leo Burnett
ECD: Jason Williams
Creative: Edward Heckes
Creative: Daniel Sparkes
Producer: Maria Borowski
Production Manager: Kaelene Morton
Group Account Director: Ari Sztal
Senior Account Manager: Chloe Erftemeyer

Head of Marketing - Julie Laycock
Head of Brand & Communications - Jess Richmond
Brand Manager - Andrea Payne
OMD Media
Account Director - Jo Hines
Account Manager - Annie Consiglio

Sound: Colin Simkins at Gusto Music

Production: The Promotions Factory


Oh Billy. said:

what you just created is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever seen. At no point in your rambling, incoherent excuse for an idea, were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this industry is now dumber for having witnessed it.

Max said:

That's seriously stupid. Why?

420 said:

How high did you guys get to think of this? I feel some late night 711 visits were definitely involved and love that

Dumb comments from dumb guy above me said:

As the guy above me said, though he seems to have missed the point, "insanely idiotic" sounds exactly right for slurpee... But in a good way. This is the kind of crazy shit I wished Slurpee did more often. I want things to be fun when it comes to that brand. You guys hit it on the head. If anything, go crazier next time. And ignore the morons. Something different scares them.

Obviously said:

Well look which agency just got themselves a 3D printer.

Sounds cool said:

Came on here to say I thought they look cool, but I see the haters have beat me to posting, so I had better insult it so they don't pick on me...

Ummm I wouldn't have used that font?

The Fonz said:

At least now that you've jumped the shark you'll have a container to land into.

facepalm said:

For fuck sake!

sm said:

Bonkers. Love it. "Oh Billy" - you sound like a client. Maybe you should go hang out on the Adnews site.

madi said:

This is great,

Awesome use of tech that no other agencies use, and how incredible is it that they're actually getting radio ads into peoples hands. Who wouldn't want to own one of these great designs? This is what case studies are made for, right up there with Catstagram.

give me strength said:

madi on whether or not this is "tech"...
if i was an engineer or developer i'd probably laugh at your comment
if i was an engineer or developer in the marketing/ad world i'd probably cry

pugwash said:

Good grief.

moronic. A perfect example of a process looking for an idea and not finding one.

who in their right mind wants a pre-made cup of some waveforms in the shape of an ad they would never want to hear more than once?

Nev said:

But I don't want a radio ad! I want a Slurpee in a giant 'vessel' on Slurpee day. A missed opportunity. And here's that old saying again; just because you can, doesn't mean you should.

actual developer says said:

I'm an actual developer at an ad firm @give me strength and fucked if I know how they did it, but it looks cool.

Don't speak on our behalf because you're an ignoramus and assume everyone else is too.

I want one! said:

I would want one if it held an absolute shitload!

Absolute rubbish said:

I'm all for recycling but I think this idea should be buried immediately at a tip very far away. It stinks. If the execution had humour and took the piss out of itself, then maybe you could have got there, but expecting customers to marvel at the technology of seeing an annoying radio ad become a cup they can drink out of is ridiculous. And not in a good way. What's more interesting is the complete lack of 7-Elven branding, probably because of their current employment scandal which is another good reason to bin this kind of junk advertising.

Very funny comments from you guys said:

Thanks for the good laugh all the people slamming this product...very entertaining. Bottom line is though is that it looks different, and unlike any marketing campaign I have seen. Yes they are drawing a long bow - but it looks cool so I would definitely buy a slurpee in that cup...

Then probably throw it in the bin.

Would hate to think what Leo's charged for this thinking though!

Nope said:

It's embarrassing that this is the sort of dribble departments are thinking deserves a case study. Surely the time and money spent on this could have been injected into a creative opportunity, don't you guys still have Honda?

dumb arse said:

Best use of moronic this year.

almost said:

needs more drone and QR code. Lift, boys.

So said:

What's the idea?

Brand Hoax said:

November Fools Day?

Leo said:

So it's a case study about a branded product, made of a radio ad about a promotion? The press release should be titled "The Inception moment of our industry"

Names please said:

Post your full name to the comments people so the industry can judge how successful you are. Betting you won't.

not fine wine said:

This was a terrible idea when cummins recorded an Alpha around the GP track and it's still a terrible idea now. If your idea needs a 1 minute long video to explain it, it's not a good idea.

Names please said:

Come on 'not fine wine', what's your name and agency. Love to see what you do.

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