Five original, locally produced tracks launch Aldi's latest 'Fresh' campaign via BMF Sydney

Still 01 Bananas.jpg'So Fresh' pays a musical tribute to ALDI's high quality range of fresh fruit, and veggies in the latest campaign via BMF Sydney. Five original tracks, each from a different musical genre (pop, psychedelic rock, reggae, dance and R&B) were written and produced by BMF and Rumble Studios,  delivering the freshest tracks for ALDI's fresh offering.

The campaign includes TVCs, catalogue, website, social and point of sale.

"ALDI offers the same high quality for low prices in its fresh food as it does everywhere else, but shoppers still have their doubts. With 'So Fresh' we created a fresh take on the 'celebrity chefs hugging farmers' approach that the rest of the supermarket category relies on," explains BMF planning director, Ali Tilling.

"If you're trying to show everyone how much you love tomatoes it makes total sense to write a love song to them, then shoot a Boyz 2 Men style music video in their honour," says BMF creative director, Alex Derwin. "We had great fun collaborating with Chris at Exit and Rumble Studios, and I think it shows in the work."

Agency: BMF, Sydney
Executive Creative Director: Cam Blackley
Creative Director: Alex Derwin
Art Director: Nicole Hetherington
Copywriter: Simon Fowler
Designer: Lincoln Grice
Strategic Planner: Ali Tilling
Client Services Director: Dan Lacaze
Senior Account Director: Aisling Salmaggi
Group Account Director: Jonny Bucknall
Account Director: Hayley Basham
Agency Producer: Fiona Gillies
Director: Christopher Hill
Producer : Jodi Matterson
Production Company: Exit Films
Post Production: AltVfx
VFX Supervisor: Jay Hawkins @ Alt VFX
Editor: Stuart Bowen
Music:  Rumble Studios
Sound Production: Rumble Studios
DoP: Lachlan Milne

Marketing Director: Sam Viney


no down down down here said:

These are so refreshing ...... clever, clever, clever.

Well done to all.

Nice said:

Nice commercials.

I'm surprised to see a rostered Exit Films director was the editor.

Quality Control said:

I remember the Berries one was on air a while back and I really liked it then. Great series when you see them all together and best of all, a FRESH approach.

Fresh? said:

I really want to like these, just because they're making an effort to be creative and different.
But I really don't get the link to 'So fresh'.
Is it a 'fresh take' on the category as per the Pr release or 'delivering the freshest tracks'?
Even the agency seems confused.

Well this is said:

Red hot!

Quality Control said:

Hey Fresh?..
I reckon you're over thinking it. You're watching TV, an ad comes on that's all about fruit and it makes you smile because it's funny and you you see Fresh and Aldi.
Better still you remember it.
Now, compare that to what's his name snapping a carrot with a fruit n veg dude looking on... which is the same as the other lot's ad. And a few kazillion others just like it before.
More Aldi-ness please, less of the other dross.

Fun said:

Great client

Fresh? said:

@Quality Control
There's an irony to your name that's clearly lost on you.
Call me old fashioned but I'm a fan of ads having an idea in them, rather than merely making people smile and slapping a logo on the end.

Mauricio said:

After watching them, would they make me talk about them? NO. Would they make me share them? NO.
Aldi: Do you really want consumers to trust your food is fresh? Offer hard evidence!!

Mauricio said:

After watching them, would they make me talk about them? NO. Would they make me share them? NO.
Aldi: Do you really want consumers to trust your food is fresh? Offer hard evidence!!

Not grumpy or bitter that I don't have the Aldi account said:

@mauricio because what consumers all really want to watch is another serious docustyle supermarket montage about the ins and outs of growing fruits and vegetables on farms? Some old farmer holding a tomato in front of his tomato bushes stating how fresh everything is? Because that would be hard evidence?
How does anyone know what's seen in an ad is true?
To me this campaign is about the love for fresh produce. Which simply inspires the consumer's appetite and let's them know that Aldi has fresh produce in a fun and memorable way. Simple.

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