Frost*collective delivers cross-disciplinary re-brand for Frasers Property Australia

Frasers_DESKTOP.jpgFrost*collective has announced the launch of the new brand created for Frasers Property Australia. Frost*collective was commissioned to provide a comprehensive brand strategy following the acquisition of Australand, a major diversified property development company, by Frasers Centerpoint Limited.

Says Lisa McCutchion, general manager, corporate communications and brand, Frasers Property Australia: "Adopting the global Frasers Property brand has had a galvanising effect on the Australian business, re-defining our culture and ambition as well as our visual and verbal identity.
FrasersProperty_Rhodes_005_Retouched_A[8].jpg"Frost*collective were sensitive to Australand's over 90 year heritage and local character, while articulating the international scale and confidence that our membership of the Frasers Centrepoint Group brings to the table.

"Frost*collective delivered a well considered and respectful design solution across an FrasersProperty_Rhodes_101_retouched.jpgextremely complex and diverse range of work."

Expertise was commissioned across the collective's three businesses - Frost Design, The Nest and Urbanite to deliver a broad scope of deliverables spanning brand and naming strategy, design, digital and environmental branding.

Frost* devised the brand architecture, FrasersProperty_Rhodes_123_Retouched[14].jpgstrategic development and naming for the Frasers Property Australia brand, implementing the re-brand across all assets which included discovery, development, design and roll out of the brand's Australian visual system for its corporate and business communications.

This included the internal launch program and presentation FrasersProperty_Rhodes_238_retouched[9].jpgmaterial, a brand book, brand guidelines, videos and staff kits, brochureware material and hoarding.

Urbanite contributed nation-wide office re-designs with The Nest creating the website re-skin, integrated external launch campaign including press ads, video, digital banners and social media integration.

Says Cat Burgess, strategy director, Frost*collective: "Working on a project of this scale where all elements of a brand are considered is really the ultimate branding project.

"A major part of the strategy process was to consider how to unify the Australian- based business with an international brand - keeping it relevant to local markets while at the same time aligning its positioning to its business operating over a much larger footprint.

"One of the key messages that we wanted to communicate was the strength that came from joining with a global business and how this translates into certainty for customers - a major point of difference that Frasers Property has over players that only operate in the Australian market.

"The brand is anchored in the idea of "real places for real people" which is embodied in the tagline - "The difference is real". This line enables Frasers Property to communicate their commitment to making a genuine difference to customers as well as highlighting their point of difference in the market.

"We also reinforced Frasers Property's strengths in the market as the leading "red brand" - streamlining the visual identity system to emphasise the brand's ownership of red to increase brand visibility and impact.

Says Carlo Giannasca, head of Urbanite: "Working on this project as a collective has been immensely satisfying. Transitions of this scope are always challenging and the importance of communicating the brand consistently across all assets extending to the physical environment is key."

Says Martin Hoegh-Guldberg, head of digitial, The Nest: "Indeed it was a pleasure to be a part of Australand's brand transformation and being able to rub shoulders literally, with all creative players involved.

"Frost Design, Urbanite and we at The Nest have the advantage of working collaboratively as part of the Frost*collective, which is a massive benefit for a brand should a project require all three areas of expertise. This was the case with Frasers Property Australia and the result is a strategically sound corporate rebrand that we hope will resonate."

Frasers Property Australia is a long-standing client of Frost*collective. The agency's work on the exclusive Central Park development located on Broadway in Sydney involved the creation of the Central Park brand, display suite, visitor app, videos, advertising, retail brand and retail signage.

Frost Design: Cat Burgess -Strategy Director, Frost*collective; Ant Donavan - Creative Director; Charlotte Brady, Senior Account Director; Ryan Atkinson - Design Director; Anzac Tasker - Senior Design
The Nest: Martin Hoegh-Guldberg - Head of Digital; Charlie Bruton - Exective Producer; Zion Wu - Digital Designer
Urbanite: Carlo Gianasca - Head of Environments; Henry Ellis-Paul - Designer Collaborators: Diadem - Office Environments Production; Green and Gold - Print
Production; Ali Nassari - Photographer; Invisible Artist - Video team

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