Coca-Cola launches new 'one brand' global 'Taste the Feeling' campaign via Mercado-McCann, Sra. Rushmore, Santo, Ogilvy & Mather New York

Screen Shot 2016-01-20 at 7.20.11 am.jpgCoca-Cola has announced the global launch of its new 'one brand' marketing strategy that brings all Coca-Cola trademark brands - Coca-Cola / Diet Coca-Cola / Coca-Cola Zero / Coca-Cola Life - under one iconic Coca-Cola brand positioning while providing more informed choices for our consumers.

The 'One Brand' marketing strategy includes a new global campaign, set to launch in Australia on January 24, under the new tagline 'Taste the Feeling', which replaces the 'Open Happiness' tagline that launched in 2009. Coca-Cola has gathered global creative minds from 10 different agencies to begin the development process, and ultimately the 10 TVCs created for the campaign have been produced by the following 4: Mercado-McCann, Sra. Rushmore, Santo, and Oglivy & Mather New York.

COCO2793_Coke_Citylights_1840x1225_JCD[10].jpgThe spots give the viewer momentary, but intimate glimpses into everyday stories, feelings and experiences that people share while enjoying an ice-cold Coca-Cola. At the close of each commercial, the family of Coca-Cola trademark products unite as one under the famous red Coca-Cola disc.

Through this new 'one brand'  approach, Coca-Cola is sharing the equity of its most iconic brand, across all its Coca-Cola trademark brands, allowing consumers to choose the Coca-Cola that best suits their lifestyle - whether sweetened by sugar or by low/no kilojoule sweeteners - but all with great taste, that is both refreshing and uplifting.

The "One Brand" Strategy:
• Extends the global equity and iconic appeal of original Coca-Cola across the trademark, uniting the Coca-Cola family under the world's number one beverage brand.
• Comes to life in a global campaign - "Taste the Feeling" - that uses universal storytelling and everyday moments to connect with consumers around the world.
• Features the product at the heart of the creative, celebrating the experience and simple pleasure of drinking a Coca-Cola, any Coca-Cola.
• Underscores the Company's commitment to choice, allowing consumers to choose whichever Coca-Cola suits their taste, lifestyle and diet.

COCO2793_Coke_Kings_Cross_11600_X_19340_10_Percent-1.jpgWhat is 'Taste The Feeling'?
• "Taste the Feeling" is the new global marketing campaign for Coca-Cola.
• The campaign features Coca-Cola, Diet Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola Zero and Coca-Cola Life - under the iconic Coca-Cola brand positioning.
• The creative uses universal storytelling and everyday moments to connect with COCO2793_Coke_OOH_Bris_Story_Bridge_1496px_X_440px_Digital.jpgconsumers around the world.
• "Taste the Feeling" will be brought to life in a fully integrated marketing campaign inclusive of: Film (TV/Cinema/Digital), Digital, OOH and COCO2793_Coke_OOH_Syd_Taylor_Sq_15.5m_X_5m_20_Percent-1.jpgMusic.

• New look and feel for Coca-Cola creative, leveraging 'Taste the Feeling'
• Input from local Australian agencies including Ogilvy, UM, Satellite, Passport, Urban, Adhesive PR and Coca-Cola Social Centre.
• Brand new music track performed by Australian Aria Winner, Conrad Sewell that will be featured in global film content
• Three 'Taste the Feeling' videos for use across screens
• Multiple out of home creative variations

The Integrated Marketing Campaign
In Australia, 'Taste the Feeling' will be a fully integrated global multimillion dollar campaign that will be communicated across:

- Screens (3 different creative executions)
• Launch films: Anthem, Brotherly Love and Break Up
• TV bursts across metro, regional and subscription TV
• Video buy across digital and social
• Cinema buy aligning with blockbuster titles
• Launch with 60' film across video and cinema

- Out of Home
• Large format in metro areas nationally from 24 January including the Kings Cross sign, Glebe Island Silos and other sites around the country
• Kings Cross sign from 21 January
• Street furniture and retail proximity media

- Social & Digital
• Creation of a campaign-specific 'Taste The Feeling microsite
• Spend across major social media platforms
• Amplification through music streaming providers
• Influencer engagement, working with key Australian talent

- Experiential - a tiered national approach including:
• Home delivered product sampling
• Street sampling
• Kiosk hotspots
• Major outdoor sampling opportunities

- Shopper
• Temporary and legacy POS
• Activation across all channels, including Grocery, Immediate Consumption and Vending

- Public Relations
• Global and local market media launches
• Leveraging music assets and working with key Coke influencers

Says Lisa Winn, marketing director Coca-Cola South Pacific: "The launch of 'One Brand' strategy and 'Taste the Feeling' marketing campaign marks an exciting time for the Coca-Cola brand. Consumers connect with our advertising and over the last 130 years we are a brand that has delivered some of the most memorable tag lines in advertising history. Today we embark on a new chapter, celebrating the notion that the simple pleasure of drinking a Coca- Cola, any Coca-Cola, makes the moment more special. We are doing this with an integrated campaign that brings all Coca-Cola products together and will set a new standard for our visual identity throughout the year.

Says Marcos de Quinto, chief marketing officer, The Coca-Cola Company: "Every day, millions of people around the world reach for an ice cold Coca-Cola. The new 'One Brand' approach will share the equity of Coca-Cola, across all Coca-Cola Trademark products, reinforcing our commitment to offer consumers choice with more clarity. This is a powerful investment behind all Coca-Cola products, showing how everyone can enjoy the specialness of an ice-cold Coca- Cola.

"More than ever, we recognize people want their Coca-Cola in different ways, but whichever one they want, they want a Coca-Cola brand with great taste and uplifting refreshment. Through the 'One Brand' strategy we will move away from multiple brand campaigns, to one single iconic brand campaign that celebrates both the product and the brand."

Says Rodolfo Echeverria, vice president, global creative, connections and digital, The Coca-Cola Company: "There is nothing quite like the taste of an ice-cold Coca-Cola. The campaign creative was designed to celebrate the notion that the simple pleasure of drinking an ice-cold Coca-Cola makes any moment more special. The universal moments and storytelling depicted in the campaign were created to resonate with our consumers globally. The same images and television creative in Japan will also be seen in Italy, in Mexico and around the world."

Says James Sommerville, VP global design, The Coca-Cola Company: "The "Taste the Feeling" campaign introduces a new approach to continue the brand's long legacy of great visual storytelling. The photography features human moments that blur the boundaries between who people are and what they love to do. In all the creative, Coca-Cola plays a lead role in the scene, enhancing the color, texture and emotion of the images. Every interaction is unique and made more special through the enjoyment of a Coca-Cola, any Coca-Cola."


Bon said:

Why didn't they just run an ad from 1985?
Global advertising at its worst.

Ben said:

The anthem track is horrible.

Sickly sweet and totally artificial...perfect for coke said:

So manufactured any real life has been killed off and replaced with Saccharin ...doesn't leave a good taste in the mouth and gives a bad feeling in the guts!

Mr X said:

the ads don't leave me feeling anything but Zzzzzzzz

New AD Guy said:

Very nostalgic. Of 1980's advertising.

ANDY said:

Something old is new again

New cmo said:

Someone did some research on Guinness lines a while back and discovered that the vast majority of people thought it was 'good things come to those who wait', which it hasn't been for about twenty years. They've had about five lines since then, none of them memorable. Open happiness was a pretty great line, tooand the rationale for changing it is pathetic. Taste the feeling is just so incredibly generic, it will be like all those Guinness lines - totally forgotten. Keep walking, another great line, has also gone. Some people don't know what they've got.

prediction said:

coca-cola wont be around in 10 years.

choke a pola said:

Does anyone even drink that shit anymore?

Paul said:

Wow...this stuff is idea less facile rubbish. Surely Coca Cola can produce brilliant advertising that the brand deserves?

Ja well said:

The 80's period style advertising basically acknowledges when Coke was once relevant.

hmm said:

Anthem looks like they ran the strategy film. Truly horrible stuff that lacks any authenticity whatsoever.

Salami said:

Someone made a tumblr and changes the cokes with salami :-D


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