Mr Smith's Peter Carstairs + Cummins & Partners create history with Doritos TVC - first time an Aussie spot has aired during a Super Bowl

Thumbnail image for Screen Shot 2016-01-05 at 6.40.54 am.jpgUPDATE: The spot didn't win the $1m prize, but it was voted third most popular commercial of the 2016 Super Bowl and viewed by more than 100  million people during the game.

For the first time in Super Bowl history an Australian commercial has aired during the Super Bowl broadcast. The commercial titled "Ultrasound" was a collaboration between Cummins & Partners creative team Heath Collins & Liam Jenkins (bottom left) and director Pete Carstairs (bottom left) of Mr Smith.

The commercial was created for the Doritos 'Crash the Super Bowl' competition where 4,500 commercials were entered from around the world - with the Aussie entry "Ultrasound" being selected as one of only two commercials to air during the iconic half time break at Super Bowl 50. It's now up to the USA Today Ad Meter to determine which ad will be crowned the winner. 

IMG_9541 (1).jpgSince being shortlisted as one of the top three commercials in Crash the Super Bowl competition, "Ultrasound" has received over 60 million views online, with 1.5 million social shares and was the clear favourite in the social media world.

CARSTAIRS-AT-SuperBowl.jpgSays Ben Couzens, executive creative director at Cummins & Partners: "Having an opportunity to write a Super Bowl script isn't something that comes up very often down here in Oz so when IMG_9538 (1).jpgPete came to us from Mr Smith and asked us to write him a script for the competition, we obviously jumped at it."

Peter-Carstairs-Super-Bowl.jpgSays Helene Nicol of Mr Smith: "Our mantra is Make it Happen. On Ultrasound, it was simply a matter of bringing together the right people and giving them the resources needed to bring a big idea to life."

'Ultrasound' aired during half time at Super Bowl 50 to a global audience of more than 100 million people. A touchdown for Down Under.

Pictures have been sent to CB live from the Super Bowl in San Francisco.

Writers: Heath Collins & Liam Jenkins
Agency: Cummins & Partners
Executive Creative Directors: Ben Couzens & Jim Ingram

Production Credits:
Director: Peter Carstairs
Exec.Producer: Helene Nicol
Production: Mr Smith
Cameraman: Earle Dresner
Prod. Design: Ben Bangay
1st AD: Greg Spiler
1st AC: Grant Sweetnam
Art Assistant: Andrew "Killer" Bowden
PA: Oliver Ramsay
Electrics: Chris Dewhurst
Grip: Rob Hansford
Video: Michael Gibbs
Makeup: Lynn Parups
Wardrobe:  Anje Bos

Cast: Genevieve Morris
Tiffany Davis
Simon Todman
Casting: Megan D'Arcy @ Nick Hamon Casting

Post Production:
Method Studios: Andrew Shostak    
Producer: Merrin Jensen
Editor: Billy Browne
Animation: Steven Bronson
Sound: Ritchie Buxton of Sound Lounge


Rock said:

Yessss!!! That's huge.

Ashwin Gopal said:

Hats off. Well done everyone involved.

Aaron said:


Scuzzfeed said:

Now those humourless fucks over at Buzzfeed are tryna squish it... Reckon they're jealous!

Winner said:

If this doesn't win, it will become another US conspiracy theory

Winner said:


Benk said:

Onya guys

Hmm said:

Big Australian agency wins competition meant for amateurs. Yeah, congrats.

Rua said:

Awesome fellas. Saw it here in the US. Best TV spot aired.

Joe said:

Hi Aaron.

It should have won said:

I knew that lame dog ad would win. What is it about about people loving ads with dogs in them?

Anonymous said:

Hilarious!! The way they got 3 dogs on top of each other was genius, and one of them even had sunglasses on! And a hat! Bravo.

Is it the first? said:

I have vague memories of other Australian created spots appearing in the Superbowl.

Good work said:

No offence because this ad is not bad.
The script is a good idea. Direction competent but nothing special.
However, the continual bombardment of hyped up publicity for it on here have made me really dislike it.
What also irks me is that a 45 year old director asking an experienced agency to write an ad for him for a competition meant for amateurs and directors starting out.
And who takes credit?
It seems that normally the director would write the idea himself, and this is obviously expected as all the official awards and benefits of this competition are tailored for the director.
We don't see the two creatives being offered a mentorship with Zack Snyder?
All this really proves is that without clients and the usual bullshit process decent scripts can be written and made. No real surprise there.

Big picture said:

@good work

What a weary son of a b**ch you are.

The age of the director isn't important. It is the new paradigm that it rose from. Crowd sourced, user generated, whatever you call beat nearly 5000 other entries. And the cream rises. So the good will always be good. And isn't it nice to know that talent prevails. Well done Carstairs and Cummins &partners. They got attention in the fiercest competition there is. AND GOT STIFFED BY AMERICAN PURITANI CAL VALUES.

but they won the court of public opinion.


wow said:

Wow an idea for an ad written by experienced ad agency creatives beat a bunch of ideas written by amateur directors. Fierce competition indeed.

picture within the picture said:

@Big picture

So you're saying the point of all this was to validate the worth of ad agencies, creatives and experienced directors to clients?

btw I heard that Tom Kuntz and Jonathon Glazer entered a co-directed piece with Wieden and Kennedy writing for them... but sadly they didn't make the cut.

Marie said:

I can't imagine any woman who has ever given birth enjoying that commercial. It was so obviously made by men.

Steve Dodds said:

Hey @Is it the first.

I also have vague memories of an Aussie spot running in the Superbowl.

I think it was around 1995.

I think it was for Powerade.

What makes it really embarrassing is that I think I worked on said spot (at McCann).

I think someone at the time said it was running in the Superbowl, but it wasn't such a big deal back then so no-one really cared.

Then again, it was the Nineties and much fun was to be had in the business so I could well be wrong about everything.

Although I'm pretty sure I did work at McCanns.


Ah, the Nineties.

Bill Putnam said:

My Dad was a career (M) Ad Man from the 50's & 60's . Critiquing Ads was a family pastime. I am SURE Dad would have loved Ultrasound.

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