The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age launches new campaign via WiTH Collective

TheSMHINFIT29Feb2016.jpgFairfax Media has launched a new advertising campaign, 'Independent News for Independent Thinkers' via WiTH Collective, reinforcing the quality news offering and strong editorial voices of The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald.

'Independent News for Independent Thinkers' features provocative imagery and copylines referencing the people and issues making the headlines. It showcases the value and depth of Fairfax journalism - investigations and reporting spanning news, business, politics, sport, entertainment and lifestyle - the mastheads deliver to highly-engaged audiences across digital and print.

The campaign launched across the SMH and The Age today and will extend into out-of-home in Sydney and Melbourne over the coming weeks.

Says Sean Aylmer, editorial director: "'Independent News for Independent Thinkers' grabs people's attention and focuses their mind on the big news and issues - it reminds them that the SMH and The Age are valuable and trusted sources of information.
TheAgeINFIT29Feb2016.jpg"Our journalists drive the conversations that matter in our communities through the powerful, independent journalism they deliver. They are the trusted voice for millions of readers who value knowing the full story."

High-impact imagery and bold copylines are the distinctive features of the creative behind the new marketing direction, extending Fairfax's 'Independent. Always.' tagline which launched in 2013 to celebrate the company's proud history of independent journalism.

Says Michael Laxton, customer marketing and growth director for the SMH and The Age: "The campaign aims to validate our readers' decision to subscribe to our mastheads and reaffirm the access they get to quality journalism and exclusive subscriber-only events and benefits.

"SMH and The Age subscribers now have access to exclusive content, video, events and premium benefits on new subscriber hubs ( and which launched today."

The campaign was developed with assistance from With Collective and will be supported by subscription promotion activities and social media.


Creative Genius said:

Well done guys. Gold standard.

Withering Collective said:

Absolute rubbish!
Why even go to an agency for this?

Say what you see... said:

Writer: 'Hey, I've got a headline about a one horse race and I need a visual to bring it
to life'.
AD: 'Hmmm, how about a shot of a one horse race?'
Writer: 'Brilliant'.

Briefer said:

Love this! Very clever. #independentthinkers

Campagne? said:

Couldn't think of a third?

No third said:

They would have burnt all the heads hours thinking up these two.

Then spending all the time art directing. They are pretty well polished.

PR releaser said:

No comment on the work from WiTH (or Getty)?

Just plain… said:


A weak version of the "smart people read this" strategy employed by other notable publications.

Hackneyed headlines.
An absence of art direction.
The campaign line is painful.

I guess they're press ads or something. I predict no one will subscribe to either publication as a result of this campaign.

No news today said:

Independent read, not likely from this effort

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