Meals on Wheels celebrates life at home in latest phase of its campaign via Common Ventures

Two Doors Down - Anne and Rhonda.jpgMeals on Wheels NSW has produced its latest instalment of its 'Two Doors Down' campaign via Common Ventures.

The Community Service Announcement shows the real life relationship formed over the 11 years that Rhonda has delivered meals to Anne. While the previous online executions of the campaign showcased the individual characters and stories of those that use the service, this iteration of the campaign focuses on the important relationship formed between Meals on Wheels and those it delivers to.

Says Kathryn Dowling, general manager marketing, Meals on Wheels: "The campaign highlights something that's made Meals on Wheels unique from every other meal delivery service - that we do deliver so much more than just a meal. For some of our clients, Meals on Wheels is their only connection to the outside world through our wonderful volunteers."

Delivering over 15,000 meals every day in NSW, Meals on Wheels has supported Australians in their homes for more than 60 years - and it's the home that really is important.

Says Dowling: "We searched far and wide for real talent across the State of NSW and met many different clients and volunteers. Anne and Rhonda showed a genuine connection and describe themselves as kindred spirits. Anne is a free spirit, and a service such as Meals on Wheels with a daily visit from Rhonda allows her to stay at home where she is happiest. As Anne says 'it helps me stay right bang at home'."

In the campaign Anne describes herself as "one of the few people in the world who really loves being old" and it's this lust for life that Meals on Wheels truly does foster.

James Crawley from Common Ventures said that the agency's approach was based on the unique offering of Meals on Wheels.

Says Crawley: "We want to show Australians that there is a service they can use to support themselves, or a loved one - and that it's not a faceless brand or supermarket chain that drops food at the door and runs. There's a perception that Meals on Wheels supports those with a lust to live well. Anne has such an amazing attitude to life - and Meals on Wheels plays a huge part in that."

The campaign will appear on both metro and regional TV across NSW.

Meals on Wheels NSW
General Manager, Marketing and Fundraising: Kathryn Dowling
Marketing Consultant: Claudia Odello

Agency: Common Ventures
Creative Lead: James Crawley
Head of Strategy: Damian Damjanovski
Senior Account Director: Alex Don
Production Assistant: Joel Snyder

Production Company: Commoner
Director: Aaron Cuthbert
Executive Producer: Mark Welker
DOP: Cesar Salmeron
Editors: Paul Rowe and Ben Hall
Production Manager: Raylene O'Hare

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