The Leukaemia Foundation launches new World's Greatest Shave work via Paul Barkley Creative

Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 12.51.31 pm.jpgFreelance creatives Paul Barkley and Simon McGrath have breathed new live into the 'Chins' campaign for The Leukaemia Foundation's 2016 World's Greatest Shave.

Says Susie Howard, director of marketing at The Leukaemia Foundation: "Whilst retaining the iconic upside down chin characters synonymous with the World's Greatest Shave, the new campaign manages to break from tradition in more than one way."

WGS003-A3-Poster.jpgSays Barkley: "This year the campaign has a central idea of 'Chinville' the 'Birthplace of the
World's Greatest Shave' running through it. Chinville was created as a way to unite the campaign, anchoring it within a community - something that resonates well with participants."

The campaign comprises of 3 x 30 sec TVCs, Radio, Print and Digital while featuring the Mayor of Chinville and number of other Chinville celebrities like Evil Chinevel, The Great Houchini, and a star studded Chinion band (in the style of 'Band Aid') that sings "Who's gonna shave me?" to the tune of the classic Midnight Oil song Blue Sky Mine.

"For 2016 we also wanted to move the campaign on visually. In previous years, the chins were limited to shoulder up, we never saw past their chests and to develop the characters we really needed more movement. Working with John Lewis through Clockwork Films, we brought a puppet like feel to the Chins, adding arms and legs to their bodies so that we could explore a range of movements to help with some of the nuances for the characters we'd created."

Digital is also a key component of the campaign, allowing people to join the Chinville community and offering a fun and easy way to announce participation and gather generous financial support from family, friends and colleagues locally and abroad.

Client: Leukaemia Foundation
Agency: Paul Barkley Creative
Creative Director: Paul Barkley
Art Director: Simon McGrath, Paul Barkley
Copywriter: Simon McGrath, Gareth Fitzpatrick
Director: Heath George
Photography: Studio Nero
Animator: John Lewis
Production Company: Clockwork Films

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