Aussie actors lend their voice to Legacy's 'Letters of Gallipoli' web series via GPY&R Melbourne

Letters of Gallipoli - Web.jpgTo commemorate ANZAC Day, Legacy and GPY&R Melbourne and Finch have created 'Letters of Gallipoli', a seven-part webisode series.
Working with the Australian War Memorial, GPY&R researched the letters and diary entries written by Australians while they were aboard ships, fighting in the trenches and wounded in hospital beds.

The project uniquely documents the events as they happened over a century ago, through the very personal accounts of soldiers and nurses writing to their loved ones.

The letters are read by prominent Australian actors and personalities, including Vince Colosimo, Damon Herriman, Diana Glenn, John Howard, Gyton Grantley, Ita Buttrose and Josh Lawson.
One hundred years after they were written, the films will be released each day at, in the lead up to Anzac Day.
Says James Wills, copywriter at GPY&R: "What's wonderful is that some of Australia's best talent and production crew have donated their time to help create this unique series for a great cause. What you see on film are actors reading these amazing letters for the first time. Included in the series is a diary entry from my own great-grandfather, so it's a project I'm proud to have been part of."
Says Tony Ralph, national chairman of Legacy Australia: "Projects like Letters from Gallipoli are important to remind the community why Legacy is here and needs support. We have been caring for the families of deceased veterans and those who have given their health for 93 years. We currently care for over 80,000 widows and partners and many hundreds of children. As long as we send Australian men and women into harm's way there will always be a need for Legacy." 
Time donated by cast and crew.

Location donated by Fox Studios.

National Communications Officer: Heidi McElnea
National Chairman of Legacy Australia, Tony Ralph
CEO: Jenny Walker
Agency: GPY&R, Melbourne
Executive Creative Director: Ben Coulson
Creative Director: Jake Barrow
Creative Director: David Joubert
Senior Copywriter: James Wills
Senior Art Director: Shane Dawson
Executive Producer: Romanca Jasinski
Business Director: Jonny Clow
Executive Digital Producer: Ben Crowe
Interactive Designer: Rosalie Laria

Vince Colosimo
Damon Herriman
Diana Glenn
John Howard
Gyton Grantley
Ita Buttrose
Josh Lawson

Production Company: Finch
Directors: Alyssa McClelland, Derin Seale, Chris Nelius
Managing Director: Corey Esse
Producer: Amy Dymond
DOP: Matt Toll

Post Production: The Butchery/The Refinery
Producer: Freya Maddock
Editor: Jo Scott
VFX Artist: Eugene Richards
Colorist: Martin Greer
Sound: Flagstaff Studio
Steve Williams
Ceri Davies/Sally McManus


Tim said:

Nice one Finch and Patts... A very good cause.

Beautifully done. said:

Classy stuff. Lovely performance and direction. Well done Finch crew.

Congrats to all involved said:

Siys thats everyone donated their time and talent, good to see there are people in ad land not just in it for the $$.

It's really good guys, love the simplicity of it.

Dave said:

That got me right in the feelings.

Bloody good stuff.

At least this isn't for a brand said:

This country's endless obsession with the cult of ANZAC is on the nose. My grand father fought in the Second World War and he didn't like to talk about it. He certainly never carried on about it like we do. Let's call it for what it is - right wing nationalism. All this mythologising will end up being used to again call young men to early deaths in foreign lands for no good reason. Better hope its not your son.

Emazarou said:

Great work guys!!!

-K said:

Beautiful heart-wrenching storytelling.

Great stuff.

Sophie said:


Check out todays letter, and tell me if you don't choke up a bit?

It's been done said:

Of a lesser quality, but it's been done. Get over yourselves, GPY&R.

Nick said:

I want to like this, but all I can think of is Ken Burns and how much better this kind of thing has been done before.

The subject matter deserves better storytelling.

Sarah said:

This is amazing. Real storytelling that truly draws you in.

Blooded oath said:

Great advertising and well done GPY&R, but I'm with a couple of comments above.

Why does Australia celebrate blood sacrifice (slaughter of the innocent) for stupid, senseless wars that had nothing to do with us in the first place?

And we create this notion that our forebears, my family less lucky than most, are heroes for going to a war and giving their lives to some terrible butchers apron English or American overlord who thinks Australians are convict cannon fodder.

Many of these men were conscripted. With no choice. These days, we have a choice.

Legacy should be putting their effort into preventing people going to war rather than caring for the families who are tragically left behind.

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