Cannes Contenders: DDB Sydney

How will Australia perform at Cannes this year? In the lead up to the Festival, Campaign Brief will be showcasing the work we hope will impress the judges...

NakedUtePackSHot[2] (1)-thumb-400x282-209051.jpgVolkswagen: The Naked Ute
DDB Sydney
The Volkswagen Amarok was a newcomer to the Australian market, but because of its sleek European styling, hardcore Aussie blokes didn't think it was tough enough to cope with Australian conditions. So, because people were judging the Amarok by its cover, our solution was to remove the cover. Volkswagen stripped the Amarok of everything that identified it, forcing Australians to judge it on performance alone. We launched with a national unbranded campaign on broadcast channels as well as social media, asking Australia to guess what they thought The Naked Ute was. Later, to everyone's surprise, we revealed that tough The Naked Ute was actually the Volkswagen Amarok.
Screen Shot 2015-07-01 at 8.27.34 am-thumb-400x223-190353.jpgVolkswagen: Tough Sell
DDB Sydney
The Volkswagen Golf is the ultimate city car, loaded with advanced features that make driving easier. To put the car's new tech features to the test, we took it out of its natural environment, challenging one Volkswagen representative to sell a Golf in a town with no need for it. Ourprotagonist's struggles were turned into a 6- month, branded content series called, "The Tough Sell." And while he sold a grand total of zero cars to the town, online people loved every Awkward minute.

Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 11.35.21 am.jpgSydney Opera House: Come On In
DDB Sydney
It's not easy getting more people inside the Sydney Opera House. Of the 8.2 million people that visit the site annually, most only take a photo outside and move along. So Sydney Opera House turned this behavior into its solution. Introducing #comeonin, an innovative campaign that spoke directly to people outside on social media. When they took a photo of the outside and posted it to Instagram, Sydney Opera House directly targeted them in a surprising way through real time personalised response videos inviting them inside for unique experiences and to see a new perspective inside the sails.

Volkswagen_Area_View_Croc v2.jpgVolkswagen: Area View
DDB Sydney
Volkswagen Area View Cameras give drivers something they've never had before, a 360 degree view. This print/outdoor campaign for Volkswagen Europe demonstrates the advantage of an 'area view' nicely.

Volkswagen_Area_View_Fish Tank v2.jpgVolkswagen: Area View
DDB Sydney

Volkswagen_Area_View_Toupee v2.jpgVolkswagen: Area View
DDB Sydney

Namaste For Nepal_Master_Tumbnail_720-thumb-400x225-192484.jpgSave the Children: Namaste for Nepal
DDB Sydney
In April 2015 an earthquake devastated Nepal. Relief soon poured into Save the Children, but as the shockwaves wore off so did the urgency in support. With so much help still needed, the monsoons fast approaching, and the public desensitized to familiar appeal campaigns, DDB Sydney asked how could they help? They needed a fresh approach to get Nepal top of mind again. So they created Namaste for Nepal, an online art auction. The campaign message was simple, even though nature has the power to destroy, artists have the power to create and their influence has the power to change.

Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 10.00.01 am-thumb-400x145-215632.jpgMcDonald's: Anything for Love
DDB Sydney
A powerfully emotive 90 sec film set to Meatloaf's classic "I'd do anything for love", launched DDB Sydney's latest How Very Un McDonald's campaign. Although it's the story of one Dad's unwavering love for his daughter, it quickly resonated with every parent out there (instantly becoming one of McDonald's most loved spots ever and a hot topic of articles worldwide.) From the moment she's born there's nothing this Dad won't do for her until one day, in her favourite restaurant, he finally draws the line.


Dan said:

The naked ute deserves to do very well.

Wow said:

Some very strong work there.

Crystal Ball said:

Naked Ute will kick ass at Cannes.

Just Thinking said:

The same thing. Naked ute is on formula, it's a great interesting bloody idea.

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