Director duo Novemba joins Exit's roster

Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 10.25.40 am.jpgDirector duo Blair Macdonald and Oliver Clark AKA 'Novemba' have joined Exit's roster.

Macdonald and Clark, were born on the same day in November. Astrologically speaking, they were fated to collaborate. After a much-beloved-but-completely-unsuccessful sandwich shop in Sydney they decided to pursue what they do best: documenting life without the boring bits. They're enamoured by people, culture, far-flung places, and the challenge of interpreting it all through the eye of a camera. The boys are currently working on a portrait of world renowned British boxer Amir Khan and his emotionally charged and passionate journey back into the ring.
Says Oliver Hammerton, executive producer, Exit: 'Novemba's approach to storytelling is truly unique. With genuine empathy and respect towards their subjects, the boys have this incredible way of playfully, yet honestly revealing the world on camera. We are very proud to have them on board."

Shortlisted in 2013 for the prestigious Cannes YDA award and shortlisted again in 2015 at D&AD, Novemba have gone on to work for clients such as Bose, Bacardi, Ballentine's and Coke Burn to name a few. November are also represented by Academy Films in the UK and Reset Content in the US.

Click here to view Novemba's reel.

For inquiries regarding Novemba or any of the Exit roster, please contact Kim Wildenburg or Oliver Hammerton at Exit on or


In the house said:

Interesting to see how this will work.
Agencies are doing most of this content type stuff in-house.
If you don't get them enough work, they are welcome to call us!

More is more said:

Some more cinematography-based work to throw on the pile

Question said:

@ In the house

Most agencies are failing miserably at content type stuff. The production values are rubbish, they're using inexperienced people and they're not making any money, I'm on the ground at several big agencies, I'm seeing it first hand.

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