The Natural Confectionery Company says 'Being a Kid Never Changes' via Saatchi & Saatchi

TNCC Being a kid Lounge.jpgThe Natural Confectionery Company, via Saatchi & Saatchi, has launched a new campaign called 'Being a Kid Never Changes'.

The multi-channel campaign is a reminder to those raising kids to take time out to embrace innocent childhood pleasures and to create those timeless fun-filled memories.

TNCC Being a kid Mother Daughter.jpgThe story is told through a unique parallel point of view which brings a mother and daughter together in time as kids and enjoying the quintessential moments of growing up.

The campaign reflects the Natural Confectionery Company's belief that the simple joys of childhood - the freedom, the innocence and sense of possibility - are truly precious and gone before we know it.

The Natural Confectionery Company has and always will continue to make delicious fruit flavoured lollies with no artificial colours and no artificial flavours.

Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi
Client: Mondelez
Brand: The Natural Confectionery Company
Executive Creative Director: Mike Spirkovski
Creative Director: Mauricio Alarcon
Writer: Mauricio Alarcon
Associate Creative Director: Dan O'Connell
Associate Creative Director Sam Chappell
Senior Producer: Esme Fisher
Managing Partner: Catherine Harris
Senior Business Director: Luke Algar
Senior Business Manager: Samantha Russo
Production Company: Robber's Dog
Director: Ben Quinn
Director of Photography: Lachlan Milne
Production/ Executive Producer: Loren Bradley
Editor: Bruno Barthas
Post Production: Cutting Edge
Colourist: Dwaine Hyde
Producer: Fiona Patterson
Sound: Nylon Studios
Sound Designer: James Martell
Music: Level Two
Animation: Buck


Ant Simmons said:

Nice insight. Well told.
Loved it.

Seriously said:

So they shot some kids walking around?

kat said:

Really lovely.

Yawn said:

Aren't sweets meant to be fun? This is so drab and boring.

Tough gig said:

Bring on the trumpets

Oh here we go said:

I dont understand how anyone could be a jerk about this.
Define fun, Yawn? I don't mean 'ad' fun.
And Seriously - where are they just walking around?

Sug said:

This will rot your teeth and your brain.

Ad mum said:

Tear jerker!

Yawn said:

Reminded me of the latest Maccas ad but not as good.

Ughhhhhh said:

Really crap idea of a questionable insight.

Lazy thinking all round.

Dear yawn said:

Yawn, so let me guess - you're miffed that they're ads featuring little girls and not little boys? Sorry mate. It ain't your world anymore.

Luke said:

I'm with @Oh here we go on this. Great insight - could have been so easy to follow the anti iPad herd but instead this works on a human truth, brought to life beautifully by Ben Quinn and his team.

It must be quite tiring summoning up the required bile and negativity to be a regular critic on this site.

Grant said:

@Luke, it's not tiring for said people to summon bile and negativity, it's lazy.

Young Insight Kid said:

Neat insight

Not an insight said:

Thats not an insight, its an observation..

Also, this is just same old same old. Trying to sell lollies to kids by making mum feel like the hero..

Mum controls everything, the lollies are in a jar so are portion controlled.. Blah, Blah,,

Unfortunately it just turns out to be dull and wallpaper.

Still, the only competition is Allens, and their product and advertising really sucks, so I am sure they will be fine.

Lollie lover said:

These ads should appeal to kids and parents - when they do both it wil be a good ad. TRUMPETS.

tncc said:

The only good part was the last 2 seconds.

Yeh, no. said:

What's happened to Saatchi's? They were doing good work for a while there, now this?

Just sweet enough said:

This is a lovely little spot - nostalgic and heart warming. Nice one!

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