Radical Orange announces launch of its own dedicated travel video channel ANYDOKO

Image1 (1).jpgCreative production company Radical Orange has announced the launch of its own dedicated travel video channel ANYDOKO, devoted to the visual experience of travel.

The channel which operates at www.anydoko.com and on Facebook and YouTube features original content in the form of video series and travel guides created by the ANYDOKO team. The video series focus on varying topics from the best street food in Hawker Style to cinematic travel pieces in This Is.

Radical Orange is an innovator in the travel content space with director Vikash Autar specialising in travel content and directing travel series for Malaysia Airlines, Tourism Australia and Tourism Malaysia.

Autar has spent the past 6 months shooting travel series in Europe and Asia for the channel.

ANYDOKO's first video about Dutch Snacks has been extremely well received, gaining over 155,000 organic views and over 2,200 organic shares on Facebook in just 5 days.

ANYDOKO was created to be an outlet of creativity for the Radical Orange team. The goal is to keep on creating great travel content and offer brand integration for interested brands.

Visit the website at www.anydoko.com.

Visit the Facebook Page at www.facebook.com/anydoko

#ExploreAnywhere with ANYDOKO

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