Compare Travel Insurance asks 'Do you know who I am?' in its latest creative ad campaign

Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 9.59.46 am.jpgTravel insurance extraordinaire Eugene Wylde from Compare Travel Insurance (CTI) is back with a new ad campaign, labelled; "Do you know who I am?"

Most people have had an iffy holiday experience, but never more so than Wylde, the website's iconic holiday geek-guru. Whether Wylde's trip is disrupted by cheeky chimps or turns rather rabid on a visit to Vietnam, the new ad campaign is set to put the humour into holiday hurdle.

Says Natalie Smith, marketing manager of "You can't always rely on your holiday to run smoothly - luggage gets lost, items are stolen, people fall sick; that's where travel insurance comes in. The frustration of a trip turned sour is a universal experience and one we thought is best conveyed through a good dose of slapstick humour.

"We've always stayed true to our fun-loving, quirky brand and never more so than with our new ads. It's easy to stick to classic, idyllic holiday clichés when promoting travel insurance, however, that's not our style. Our new campaign stands out from the crowd, has cut-through and hopefully makes people LOL.

"We had a great time creating our new campaign and hope that our customers relate to our eccentric, offbeat sense of humour. We trust that audiences will have a good chuckle at Eugene in a few rather compromising situations. Plus, there's more to be released in the upcoming months."

Says Gemma Raymond from 90 seconds: "The 90 Seconds team had a blast bringing the compare travel insurance ads to life - we couldn't be happier with how it has all come together."

CTI isn't afraid of being a bit risqué - its previous ad campaign "Save yourself the risk" featuring a dwarf, a fat man and a chainsaw was banned back in 2012 due to weight discrimination complaints to the Ad Standards Bureau.

Says Smith: "We don't believe our new ad campaign will offend. It's meant to be entertaining, not distasteful. Regardless, the banning of the previous ad didn't seem to diminish our success, the reworked version of the campaign has now been viewed almost 6.5 Million times on YouTube."

Client: Compare Travel Insurance
Directed/Produced: Simon Frost
Video Production Platform: 90 Seconds
Talent: Chad Richards


Just said:

No words

wtf said:

it couldn't be any worse

Congratulations said:

You've lowered the bar for everyone else.

Monkey Business said:

Brilliant! I love this. I can't stop giggling.

Do you know who I am said:

Love this. You guys crack me up with your campaigns.

Plus, there's more to be released in the upcoming months... said:

Dear God,

Please make it stop.

Justin Sider

Old CD Guy said:

I find them quite insightful and amusing. Well done.

The Ad Man said:

Better, funnier ads than a lot of the rubbish I normally see from our industry. Good work!

Frank said:


C'mon now!! said:

Can all the people from 90seconds or Compare Travel stop posting, you're not fooling anyone. These are clearly steaming piles of shit, and the only thing that's impressive is that you were brave enough to PR them. Embarrassing.

You must admit said:

They've got your attention. So wrong...not sure it's right though.

Wow said:

These are terrible...

The real Old CD Guy said:

@ the imposter calling himself Old CD Guy.

Please stop impersonating me. Presumably you're what's loosely described as 'creative'. So come up with your own pseudonym. Perhaps 'Pseud'. Yes, that'd be appropriate. if you insist on using the epithet 'Old CD Guy', at least have the decency to pour a massive cauldron of steaming, stinking, runny, acrid poo on work like this. Just like I would.

The real Old CD Guy would never praise work like this.


The casual viewer wouldn't have a clue what it's about, what action they should take after seeing these ads, and what brand they are advertising.

Old CD Guy said:

@The real Old CD Guy

I don't know who you claim to be, sir, but I reiterate my praise for this work.

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