Mr Mumbles defeats Group Hug in 'The Pitch' segment on last night's episode of Gruen

Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 8.11.03 AM.jpgOn last night's episode of Gruen, Mr Mumbles and Group Hug faced-off in 'The Pitch' segment with the brief: a campaign to convince us that bronze medals are better than gold.

Mr Mumbles' spot was the unanimous choice of the panel.



Ben said:

Cracking spot, gets to the very heart of why I'm not a fan of the Olympics. $4m a gold in the pool, $10m elsewhere and what, $340 million in total?

Screw that, especially when the Aussie Paralympics team struggle to fundraise $7m to send the entire team.

fun topic said:

Yes. Definitely the winner. Bit steep to blame the Olympics for homelessness but still more compelling.

I would have liked to see a strategy of deliberately chasing bronze. It's actually more of a challenge.

You have to give everything you've got, and still have enough in the tank to tank at the last minute. With precision timing.

Try do that in the 50m freestyle.

Ben said:

I'm not sure our strategy already to chase bronze. We're sure as hell not chasing gold.

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