REBORN, Love & Wine + AV win Australian Business Award for New Product Innovation

YOUWINES_case-study_02.jpegYOU Wines, a new and unique wine brand developed by Australian Vintage Ltd (AVL), REBORN and Love & Wine, have won a prestigious Australian Business Award for New Product Innovation.

The Australian Business Awards are a national, all-encompassing awards program honouring organisations that demonstrate the core values of business excellence, product excellence, sustainability and commercial success in a number of categories.

The Australian Business Award for New Product Innovation recognises new products and services that provide innovative solutions for new and existing market needs.
REBORN and Love & Wine were involved in developing the brand from inception through to developing the full communications and rollout plan to market.

YOU Wine was developed to resonate with Generation Y's tastes and lifestyles in ways existing wine brands had failed to do. The project required REBORN and Love & Wine to develop a sound and incisive psychological understanding of the target market, as previous research had produced key Gen Y consumer insights that helped develop the idea of reflecting the kind of character that is used to categorise and describe people in the product.

The inclusion of four individual personalities for each of the varieties ensured the packaging appealed to Gen Y specifically and consumers were able to establish a connection with their own personality match, as well as identify their friends in personalities. The unique bottles have silk- screened labels to distance the packaging from others, and even the health warning--love wine Responsibly--is presented positively.

With a clever personality quiz via the brand website that aligns each user with their wine personality, digital engagement was encouraged, along with the use of appropriate social media influencers to fit with the brand's sense of generational authenticity and lifestyle appeal. The sourcing of high quality grapes meant that the varieties could stand as a staple range, as Gen Y drinkers' tastes became more developed.

Says David Easton, Love & Wine and REBORN: "It has been an extremely rewarding process to see the development of YOU Wines all the way from conception to product. We are extremely proud of the brand and to be recognised by such a prestigious award is really exciting."

The sales from the launch period--August 2015 to February 2016-- totaled 94,212 bottles, proving the product launch as a success. YOU Wines is currently stocked at Dan Murphy's and BWS nationwide.


Ted said:

Yeah, great to walk in with a bottle of wine that describes to others what to expect from you and how obnoxious you are.

.... said:

So it's the shitty Australian version of White Girl Rosé?

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