Saatchi & Saatchi global executive chairman Kevin Roberts resigns, effective September 1

kevin-roberts-saatchi.jpgLess than a week after making controversial comments in a recent interview with Business Insider, Saatchi & Saatchi global Executive Chairman and Publicis Groupe Head Coach, Kevin Roberts has resigned, effective September 1, prior to his scheduled retirement date due in May 2017.

Says Roberts in a statement: "'Fail Fast, Fix Fast, Learn Fast' is a leadership maxim I advocate. When discussing with Business Insider evolving career priorities and new ways of work/life integration, I failed exceptionally fast.

"My miscommunication on a number of points has caused upset and offense, and for this I am sorry.
"I have inadvertently embarrassed Saatchi & Saatchi and Publicis Groupe, two companies I love and have been devoted to for almost 20 years.

"I have expressed my regret and apology to the companies for the furor my remarks and language stimulated, and I extend this to colleagues, staff and clients.

"So that we can all move forward, I am bringing forward my May 1, 2017, retirement from the company, and will leave the Groupe on September 1, 2016.

"There is a lot of learning to reflect on, and within the thousands of tweets, comments and articles there are many powerful and passionate contributions on the changing nature of the workplace, the work we do, what success really looks like, and what companies must do to provide women and men the optimal frameworks in which to flourish.

"I believe that new thinking, frameworks and measures are needed to make more rapid progress on diversity in all its forms, in all professions and occupations. Hopefully, the focus on this serious and complex issue will gather momentum."


Nice said:

1 down, 3.5 billion to go.

Adgirl said:

LOL. What a joke.

As a woman I'm personally DISGUSTED with the sordid feminist agenda that is marching common sense straight out the fucking door.

Melvin said:

Still manages to make it all about him

i smell said:

Bull sh****T

Interesting said:

It's worth reading the comments in the popular press about Mr.Rpbert's demise. For the most part, they reflect a much softer position on his comments; and in a majority of cases, found little wrong with them. In fact, one read and you'd be excused for concluding it's adland that's out of step, not Mr.Roberts.

Ha said:

Bet he was farewelled with a nice fat cheque. Which goes to show that rich white guys always win in the end.

Someone who knows him said:

What a hack!

Check it out said:


Meh said:

Lovemarks was a crap idea anyway...

What a Jeffrey said:

And the game finally played him. Magnificent effort all in all, considering he only provided hot air and a tepid love-bite.

Let go of too late and for the wrong reason, but one more out of touch dinosaur gone.

Fly said:

I'm sure his dress sense must have had something to do with it too, oh, and the Livestrong bracelet.

the gift said:

Shows how far you can make it with a lot of self confidence and a big mouth. But he lived by the sword and finally died by it. Good riddance.

Outrage brigade said:

Guy gets fired for a truncated article that says sexism, original article wasn't.

'1 down, 3.5 billion to go.'


Good to see sexism will be alive and well long after this.


Seriously. Lets just put it in perspective. There was a time not so long ago that women could not vote. Could not even get a normal job that a guy could. Could not become a copywriter let alone a CD. But alas, pioneering women that worked their f**king arses off, made their own way. When gender imbalance was an 'actual' thing. Before it was the buzzword in the media, they got there on their own merits.

Things are moving in the direction they are supposed to be. Forward. Give it time. Aboriginal people had to wait 200 years for Kevin '07 to come along and say sorry. And they're still way worse off than anybody working in advertising. But f**k the abos, right?

Women are slowly becoming men. Just as insensitive. Just as robotic. Give it time. They will be equal on top of this empire of dirt. Yay! Believe! Achieve!

As a CD, I was always baffled why more women didn't do the job. But then it actually clicked. They're smarter. Why work 140 hours and give up your life to do something that ultimately just does not matter? Seriously? Like this job actually f**king matters.
What we do does not last. It does not make the planet a better place. If anything we are just adding to the worlds problems. We flog disposable shit. Shit that ends up in a turtles nose. Do you think selling a microwave pizza matters? A beer? A chocolate bar? A piece of dead animal that has suffered it's entire short life for 'Australia day'? A human redesigned by an artist that appeals to an art wanker to try and get a bogan that will never give a shit about art to stop drinking before he jumps in his car? If you think it does then you need your head examined. And you are not living in the real world. We do way more harm than good on our road to self congratulatory wank. We actually get awards for this shit! Let that sink in. Doctors work for free in war zones for MSF and we get awards!!! How f**king delusional.

As for this old dinosaur that has dedicated himself to this industry for, I don't know... His whole career! Where has it got him? It has got him this. The disrespect of the world that he loved. What a joke this industry is.

Get back to selling just about everything that is made in sweat shops and waxing lyrical about how fabulous you are at parties full of fucking nobodies.

Kevin, you were a bit of a dick. You made some dickish comments. You did the right thing by resigning. You took it on the chin and you accepted responsibility. Publicly. You're a bigger person than most. I hope you don't kill yourself like that CD in Chicago did. It's only advertising. And it's not worth it. And all these hurtful people do not matter.

I rarely visit this website. But every time I do, I'm reminded why I shouldn't. What horrible people we have to endure in this industry.

Congrats to all involved.

Adgirl said:


And the hunting party moves on... said:

It's OK, there's a new offender to hurl your outrage at. Someone else to lambaste for saying something indelicate. See the Banjo story above.

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