VCCP Sydney launches Purplebricks into Australia to disrupt the real estate sector

PURPLEBRICKS-TVC.jpgPurplebricks has launched its new campaign into the Australian market aimed at disrupting the real estate sector.

The campaign, created by VCCP Sydney, centres on Pat, the Purplebricks TVC campaign spokesman who's here to deliver to Australians the Purplebricks message - that they're here to help sell your property for the best possible price, with the best possible experience, and all for a low-fixed flat fee.

Says Michael Bruce, CEO and co-founder of Purplebricks: "Since launching Purplebricks into Australia 24 hours ago, the interest and demand from homeowners has been incredible. We are delighted and it has certainly shown us that Aussies are truly ready for a change from the overpriced commission model to one that will save them thousands of dollars when selling a home." 

Says Gary Dawson, ECD of VCCP Sydney: "We're excited to be working with Purplebricks and wanted to bring to life the spirit of a brand that will revolutionise the real estate sector. Pat, the Purplebricks TVC campaign spokesman, alongside his 'house-band' will bring personality and a little pizazz to a sector in need of a genuine alternative."

Adds David Kennedy-Cosgrove, Managing Partner VCCP Sydney: "There's a huge opportunity to transform the way we buy and sell property, and Purplebricks is here to shake things up. Purplebricks are the perfect team to do the job of waking up Australia to a new way of doing business."

Agency:  VCCP Sydney
ECD: Gary Dawson
Writers: Chris Round, Trent Christie
Art Directors: Sal Gulliffa, Tintin Ronojoy Ghosh
Client: Joby Russell
Agency Producer: Jules Jackson
Group Account Directors: Suzie Roberts, Siobhan Petri
Production Company: Jungle
Director: Trevor Clarence
Producer: Michele Bennett
Music: Song Zu


Purple with envy said:

Really great work.
Shooting the lights out.

thisisntchallengerwork said:

Ground breaking work from VCCP.

ian said:

Fresh. Sounds like there's more to come?

I'm kind of impressed said:

at just how bad these are.

sam said:

I reckon it'll work its socks off for them. I'm sold.

agency staff stop already said:

this is fresh. a fresh turd.

Ooheer said:

That certainly disrupted something.

And now, I'm off to hospital.

It feels like said:

my mum worked on this.

I mean hell.. said:

It's not ground breaking work. But they won the client and make the work.

Well done Sal and team.

Cringey said:

Everyone looks embarrassed to be in this ad.
Was that part of the idea?

That sucks said:

Nice comments from the client and/or agency here.

Truth is, it's not very good.. It's ok, meets the local standard of averageness..

It's a banner ad on TV.

Purple dicks said:

Take an average idea, but with craft, yeah maybe we could make this something.

But then add an awesome director and you really need to ask yourself, wtf happened?

Fiona said:

It's different for the category and it made me smile. Nice one Gaz.

So wait said:

Instead of an auction I get this cheesy fucking band turn up in the lawn? If this won the pitch I can't imagine how bad the competition was. So corny.

Reality said:

I'm currently selling the family home. To date it's probably the most important transaction of my life. I'm waking up at night worried about it. That's why i've gone with an agent with a proven reputation, credibility and a solid track record in my area. Now if an new completely unknown, foreign competitor wanted to sway this decision of mine, they'd firstly need to make a bloody good case for it and then secondly demonstrate enough real market credibility for me to even consider doing so. Now i ask you, does the badly dressed wedding band and the guy in the purple suit do this? So while this is obviously creatively average at best, its in fact the strategy that's actually what's really miles off the mark. Sorry, being 'different' in the category is great when you're selling chocolate bars, not homes.

It's no Meerkat said:

Wonder what London HQ's of both client and agency think of this...

Such a shame. Biggest brand launch the country will see this year, and this is what they do. It's not dreadful, just uninspiring.

And @Reality is right - they should be doing a lot more to convince me that they're a serious alternative. This could've been an ad for a local gardening service. Sorry to be harsh.

With this agency and that client we've got a bit of a Devil Wears Prada situation "Of all the girls, you were my biggest disappointment..."
Bet it was nicely presented in the pitch and Joby and Micheal were in the room in the first place because of the Meerkat, but this is what they did together. Maybe this was fodder and the VCCP guys had something better they wanted. Who knows?

Not to worry - the hype in the news will be enough to get the business off to an impressive start (then maybe they'll hold another pitch if things start to plateau in 12 months).

Oh you so edgy! said:

Disrupting the market. Ha!

Ian said:

Sounds like a lot of comments from those who didn't win the pitch!

it's annoying said:

... but I don't hate it.

What happened? said:

You used to be cool VCCP.

never cool said:

the the business idea is cooler than the work.the work is actually a let down.

Shit said said:

This is shit

Cyrano said:

Who is the nice bit of crumpet playing the keyboard ?

Sy said:

I've got the hots for the trumpet player

Alfred Zammit said:

Both Purple Bricks and APIA tvc's have a band playing, which one is the copycat?

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