Airtasker empowers Australians with first ever 'Like A Boss' campaign via U Don't Know Us

5ba30db0-c8f2-4c99-9e4a-39965a0e287c (1).jpgAirtasker, Australian local services marketplace, is set to hit primetime TV with the launch of Like a Boss, its first major advertising campaign via U Don't Know Us (UDKU).

The campaign will launch on September 18 and will feature on Network Seven Sydney during the airing of the AFL Grand Final broadcast and the premiere of the new season of the X-Factor. Versions of the campaign will also run nationally across out of home (billboard advertising), online video, digital, and over social.

It serves as the Sydney-based startup's first major advertising campaign, launching off the back of Seven West Media's strategic investment in the company earlier this year.

Says Simon Reynolds, VP marketing, Airtasker: "The phrase 'Like a Boss' is all about empowerment. Whether you're looking for more flexibility or control in the way you work, or if you need a helping hand to get more done in life, Airtasker can help.

"Our community members found a great feeling of accomplishment when using Airtasker, to the point where they just might break into dance. So we wanted to bring this to life in our first major marketing campaign.

"This campaign marks a major shift in our approach. We've been relying on word of mouth, but we are now using our brand to move our growth beyond "in-the-know" early adopters, and into the mainstream. We're hoping this will help us turn Airtasker into a household name."
Says Tim Fung, CEO and co-founder, Airtasker: "Our community members have been along for the ride with us since day one, particularly the growing number that use Airtasker as a main source of income.

"With tens of thousands of Australians using Airtasker to earn money or get things done each month, we hope this campaign and the themes it covers resonates with all of them. And like us, they get a little laugh out of it too."

The Like a Boss campaign was created by U Don't Know Us (UDKU), a creative innovation agency that specialises in helping corporates innovate and startups compete at scale.

The agency, founded by ad agency and management consulting executives, has flown under the radar since their formation three years ago. This advertising push from Airtasker serves as their first formal public campaign.

Says Colin Jowell, partner and co-founder, UDKU: "This is the first time we've been able to claim credit for our work. To now, we've been working on projects like concept stores, prototypes and customer experience innovation strategy-hardly the kinds of things that our clients want to alert their competitors to in advance.

"We wanted to celebrate the people who do the tasks as much as the people who are smart enough to use Airtasker to outsource tasks.

"Like A Boss is one of those great creative leaps that takes something from the zeitgeist to capture the sense of achievement both Job Posters and Airtasker Workers get from using the service.

"We also sense checked it with a good old fashioned animatic test -- and people actually laughed out loud at the animation which was a career first for us and hopefully a good sign for the campaign."

VP Marketing: Simon Reynolds
VP Design: Francesco De Chirico
Brand Marketing Manager: Alexandra Aguirre
Communications Marketing Manager: Katie Hume

Agency: U Don't Know Us (UDKU)
Production Company: Goodoil Films
Director: Matt Kamen
Executive Producer: Sam Long
Producer: Michael Cody
Editors: The Butchery
Post Production: The Refinery
Sound: Rumble Studios


Copy paste said:

These are cool

Sam said:

Really nice

Dean H said:

These are great. Well done guys.

David Og said:

It's ok i guess. Good to see UDKU coming out into the spotlight.
Idk how I feel about amateurs charging me whatever they like just to set up a ping pong table though!

Not funny or cool. said:

These are not funny or cool.

Whoa said:

I went to high school with the dude who set up the ping pong table.

Good rugby player. Good dude.

turn down for what said:

really nice. love it

Harlem Shake said:

Were't we done with 'Like a Boss' by 2013?

Captain Grumpy said:

What has 'Like a Boss' got to do with it? Branding should concentrate on Airtasker.

yep said:

made me smirk.

punters will like them.

Ian said:

I love these.
And well done to Matt K.

@Captain Grumpy said:

Please tell me you don't have a job in advertising or the creative industries??

Judy said:

Really nice.

(I even hired someone from Airtasker to post this comment for me.)

@Captain Grumpy - you didn't spot the T-shirt?

LOLZ said:

Not going to change the world, but good on ya for making me laugh

Kenny H said:

Brilliant! Especially love the casting and it's clear that a lot of love has gone in to writing, directing and crafting these. Congratulations UDKU!

LOLZ said:

Not going to change the world, but good on ya for making me laugh

Like a Slave said:

Funny spots but don't agree with paying people below the minimum wage to do stuff though. By the time Airtasker take their clip you are working for jack shit just ask any Uber driver.

JW said:

'Like a boss' is kinda done and dusted, but these are a lot of fun. Nice work.

Adgirl said:

I like this for 3 reasons:

1. It's simple and funny.
2. It'll work. People will fucking download the app after seeing these.
3. For the reasons above we now have a new agency doing something (hopefully) fucking different in Sydney.

It's not groundbreaking or incredible stuff by any means, but it seems fresh compared to all the bullshit I've been looking at lately.

Thugnificent said:

Damn UDKU, I didn't think 2000 and late would ever be relevant again.

human said:

Wow, the denegration of human labour and dignity has never been made so appealing in a race to the bottom.

Did airtasker solicit a marketing campaign via its own website and get people to bid against each other in a race to the bottom?

Exploitation has never been so sexy! Well done!

Mmmmmm. Flexibility.

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