Cricket Australia unites the nation in latest campaign via M&C Saatchi, Melbourne

Screen Shot 2016-09-19 at 10.20.46 AM.jpgCricket Australia has launched its latest International Cricket campaign via M&C Saatchi Melbourne. The campaign draws inspiration from Australian diversity and unified love of cricket.
Together, they searched the nation to find Australia's biggest cricket enthusiasts and brought to life their love affair with Australia's favourite game.
The campaign highlights an abundance of Australians from all walks of life; young and old, male and female, city to country, and from a variety of cultures, united in their passion for Australia's cricket teams. In essence, a 24-millon strong force taking on South Africa, Pakistan, New Zealand, and Sri Lanka in the upcoming international cricket season.

Cricket Poster[2] (1).jpgSays Paul Taylor, executive creative director, M&C Saatchi Melbourne: "Unlike our other national sports teams, our cricket team doesn't have a nickname. They're just Australia. Because the 11 players on the field don't just represent themselves; they represent all of us. So this summer, we wanted to show that the whole country is taking on South Africa, Pakistan and New Zealand."
Says Ben Amarfio, executive general manager of media, communications and marketing, Cricket Australia: "Cricket is a part of the fabric of Australian culture and this new campaign shows the passion so many people have for the game and builds the excitement for what is set to be a highly exciting and entertaining summer of cricket.
"In developing this campaign we reached out to the public to find some of the country's biggest cricket fans and the response we received and the stories we have uncovered from every corner of the land shows how cricket unites and inspires us all."
The campaign will be delivered across multiple platforms including TV, press, outdoor, digital, social and radio.

Client: Cricket Australia
General Manager, Media, Communications & Marketing: Ben Amarfio
Head of Marketing: Sonia Bijelic
Marketing Manager: Panayiota Ward
Creative Agency: M&C Saatchi Melbourne
Managing Director: David Dahan
Executive Creative Director: Paul Taylor
Creative Team: Paul Taylor, Tony Banks
Senior Broadcast Producer: Jessica Norton
Strategy Director: Lucy Cochran
Account Directors: Adam Brami, Pia Christiansen, Sarah Bailey
Designer: Adriano Russo
Production Company: NB Content
Directors:  Adam Ciancio and Oliver Waghorn
Exec. Producer: Sheridan Wadelton
Directors of Photography: Cesar Salmeron and Aaron Farrugia
Photographer: Josh Robenstone
Sound: Phil Kenihan
Music: Dmitri Golovko
Media Agency: Mediacom


Groucho said:

Hoping the cricket turns out to be more interesting than this spot.

! said:

I think it feel pretty good

Old CD Guy said:

Dropped a sitter.

Nope said:

Uninspired high-def low-grade spot.

How long is long enough? said:

How long can Leggett put up with Melbourne being shit?

Somethings got to change, and there's little proof that the current team can do it.


Adgirl said:

Agree with How long is long enough?

qt3.14 said:

You negative bastards. I think it's fine.

Zzzzz said:

I somehow managed to sleep for 6 hours in the middle of this 30 second spot.

Jet said:

Yeah sure. Kids colouring in cricket banners at school? No time, given an overloaded curriculum and cramming for the next Naplan test (not cricket test).

Aiight said:

Not sure what spot you're all watching. I think it's a sweet wee spot.

Not surprised said:


George said:

If you already like cricket, you'll probably love this spot.

It simply proclaims cricket as self-evidently good - no wonder the clients went for it...

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