Four Aussie families open up about their love for LG OLED TV in new spots via Tonic The Agency

Screen Shot 2016-09-16 at 2.59.34 PM.jpgLG Australia (LG) has today launch a new campaign for its LG OLED TV series called 'Love My OLED' via Tonic The Agency. The campaign allows four Australian families the chance to share their real experiences of buying and watching LG OLED TV.
All participants featured in the 'Love My OLED' campaign are actual buyers of an LG OLED TV. The idea was to receive honest and unscripted feedback from these people, who were not incentivised in any way for giving their testimonials.
The TV technology known for producing perfect blacks, amazing vivid colours and an overall spectacular viewing experience has already been adopted by more than 20,000 Australian homes in the last 12 months. OLED is now the fastest growing TV segment in the country.

Says Grant Vandenberg, marketing manager, LG Home Electronics: "The feedback we've had from OLED TV owners in Australia has been that they just love it. OLED is a different type of TV technology because it doesn't have a backlight and this creates a perfect black that projects over a billion colours. The image quality is like no other TV on the market today. You really need to see this for yourself in the store to appreciate the difference.
"With 'Love my OLED' we wanted the consumer to tell the story for us. These are 100% authentic testimonials and because it features real people, the ads avoid the jargon typically associated with how manufacturers sell TVs. We're extremely grateful to these people who opened up their homes to us and shared their OLED experience.
"When you're purchasing a $4,000 TV for the home, it's rarely a decision made in isolation by one person. So we wanted to dig a little deeper into what different family members were looking for as part of the buying process, and what features they think are really important. We certainly got that."  

Client: LG Electronics, Australia
Marketing Manager, Home Entertainment: Grant Vandenberg
Agency: Tonic The Agency
Creative Director: Alan Crowne
Senior Art Director: Melba Gounas
Account Manager: Simon Payten
Production Company: Alexander Thomas Media Co
Director: Matias Bolla
Producer: Marcel Varnel
Editor: James Medlam and Matias Bolla


Wow said:

Cool idea.

Wha? said:

Don't think you can call consumers gushing over a product 'an idea'.
Client fingerprints all over this.

Is it any wonder said:

...that LG are getting hammered by Samsung. This is just terrible work.

Wow said:

They look like they cost less to make than the price of a TV

The truth said:

The ads are pretty bland / unimaginative but LG definitely AREN'T getting smashed by Samsung... LG have taken the number 1 sales spot from them several times in past 3 months. OLED has been a real game changer.

it seems like a good product said:

These ads are the worst. The idea is fine, but the casting was off and the cheap ass stock music is laughable.

Should have got uncle Terry to play his banjo on the porch after a couple of frosties, might've save yourself a few bob.

Mr. S Ony said:

OMG. No one, and I mean no one talks about their TV at home like this. In a client's twisted dreams maybe they do, but no where else. This is sooooo forced it not funny. Why are clients wasting even such tiny budget on crap like this?

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