Pfizer's friendless fairytales help smokers quit in new work via WiTH Collective + Passion Pictures

image1.jpgCB Exclusive - Pfizer has today released a second phase of its 'Some things are harder on your own' social campaign for a prescription-only quit smoking brand via WiTH Collective and Passion Pictures.

Says Russell Hind, senior brand manager, Pfizer: "The simple message of asking your doctor for help to quit smoking instead of going it alone has helped the brand achieve real simplicity in a heavily regulated category."

Phase one saw unsuspecting actors fail in Impossible Auditions. Now, in partnership with Passion Pictures, WiTH Collective have given the second campaign a new twist, with Friendless Fairytales - famous stories retold where the main protagonist goes their journey solo. "As if it were an analogy for something else."

image2.jpgAimed at smokers, their friends and family, the social campaign offers up the simple message that you're 4x more likely to quit smoking with the help of a healthcare professional. And includes a retargeted film starring an animated doctor highlighting the benefits of getting help from someone like himself.

image3.jpgSays Russell Hind: "Many smokers go through numerous quit attempts when they try to quit cold turkey. Our insight is that quitting smoking is actually a two-person job, and a doctor is key. The challenge in this instance is to capture their attention and deliver this message - WiTH Collective have tackled this head on with this campaign."

Says Justin Hind, CEO, WiTH Collective: "Russell is an exceptional client with one of the toughest briefs. It's incredibly difficult to persuade smokers to quit. It's even more difficult to do so in a way that meets with the regulations in this category. Furthermore, traditional media is not delivering. So we're looking to social media and thumb-stopping ways of delivering our message and encouraging non-smokers to share with the smokers they know. Strategically, this means the notion of 'Some things are harder on your own' has to be entertaining and shareable. We're very pleased with the latest iteration of this campaign, and we'll continue to monitor, learn and enhance."

McBess and Simon, known for their irreverent style and used by Nike and RayBans, illustrated the films in their first animation for the Australian market.

Says Simon Fowler, associate creative director, WiTH Collective: "The team here have done a killer job of working with Pfizer and Passion Pictures to create socially optimized films, incredibly unique for their category - it's been a truly collaborative process and Passion Pictures have been an absolute inspiration to work with. Having used this method to quit smoking myself, I'm excited to see this get results."

The campaign goes live today via Facebook, Youtube, Outbrain, and owned media.
Client: Pfizer
Senior Brand Manager: Russell Hind
Brand Manager: Isabel Chan
Agency: WiTH Collective
CEO: Justin Hind
Chief Creative Officer: Steve Coll
Associate Creative Director: Simon Fowler
Copywriter: Mia Fukuyama 
Art Director: Phillip Robbie
Account Manager: Phil Campbell
CRM Planner: Kevin Trinh
Business Director: Josh Sandford
Agency Producer: Kirsten Caly
Production Company: Passion Pictures
Executive Producer: Katie Mackin
Producer: Johanna Hanley
Directors: McBess and Simon
Sound: Rumble Studios
Media Company: Red Planet and Ikon Communications


Smokin! said:

Great storytelling. Awesome animation. The full flush. Well done!

Motionlab said:

Big fans of McBess and Simon. Love this!

zzorzi said:

Good job Pfizer! AWESOME script and terrific animation.

Awesome Sauce said:


Wonder how much it cost to secure the rights to use the film-likeness of the Wizard of Oz (because the film isn't in the public domain, only the book is)

Expensive? said:

Hope Pfizer don't get done for copyright

John said:

It' s a fail as far as i'm concerned, bet the lawyers are dreaming of how they can spend all the money they will make.

Naive said:


Hey dickheads said:

Pretty sure the agency's TV dept got the rights.
You're fucking numpties if you think otherwise.

Hindsight said:

Russell, Justin. Any connection?

From this hemisphere said:

@1:31 PM What's a numpty?

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