Cummins&Partners launches 'Man Up. Speak Up' spot following 'Man Up' TV documentary on ABC

Screen Shot 2016-10-26 at 7.45.46 AM.jpgThe 3 part Man Up TV documentary series shown on ABC concluded last night (repeated on ABC 2 tonight).  In the series Triple M's Gus Worland explores what are the contributing factors to the alarming rates of men's suicide in Australia.  To see his adventures head to

At the conclusion of the documentary Worland decided that he wants to communicate with everyday Australian men via an advertising campaign and encourages them to talk and express themselves, especially when feeling down. The ad 'Man Up. Speak Up.' was created with the assistance of Adam Ferrier (Cummins&Partners) and Adam Hunt.

Says Hunt: "There is nothing more powerful than men seeing other men cry - because it happens so rarely in media, advertising, and real life.  Most blokes think they have to go behind closed doors before they can let out a tear. We wanted to 'out crying', and make it ok for guys to express themselves.  The extreme close up, on a faded background aims to bring out the emotion of all the men involved - so you connect and feel what they feel."

Says Ferrier: "All little boys and girls cry, it's necessary for survival. However, at some stage in their development many young guys learn it's not ok to cry or express themselves.  We wanted to reflect back the absurdity of this situation."

The documentary, ad, and overall project was supported by Movember and the University of Melbourne.  

Adam Hunt, Advertising Person
Adam Ferrier, CSO, Cummins&Partners
Production: Heiress Films
The Movember Foundation
University of Melbourne
Director: Ben Lawrence


Leah said:

Fantastic. Well done.

Paul @ BCM said:

Nice work

Etch said:

Well done

Skip W said:

Having been one of those guys who was told not to cry, I totally relate to this.
Nice work guys,

marrianne said:


male observer said: said:

what a load of bollocks.

New AD Guy said:

Cracking work, team.

Adam F. said:

Cheers Skip. And thanks all.

nearly said:

Great cause, nice insight, but the actual ad feels like it's lacking a real idea. Hope it works though.

eddie said:

great stuff guys

Bon Snott said:

good stuff. Super at end could have stayed up longer.

Makes me sad said:

I was really hoping this would be great.

But let's face it, it isn't.

It tells without showing.

And losing context by shooting on a cya means it loses impact.


Disingenuous said:

Feels like a piss-take.

Nearly Nearly said:

@nearly your comments sound like a piss take like someone trying to be a dick

as does 'making me sad'

hi said:

most moving and emotional ad Ive seen in ages

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