GPY&R Brisbane takes home Best of Show for Life Saving Stickers at the 2016 BADC Awards

006-BADC 2016 awards - best of show - web res-13130 (1).jpgOn Saturday night GPY&R Brisbane was awarded Best of Show for Australian Road Safety Foundation 'Life Saving Stickers' at the 2016 BADC Awards.
Says Cam Blackley, ECD at BMF and chairman of judges: "It was an idea so simple, but so dramatic in its' ability to change behavior immediately and each time it's encountered. It's a game changer with zero media buy."

The jury also requested a special mention be made for Publicis Mojo's ACT for Kids for the brilliant Monster Crayons project.
003-BADC 2016 awards - best of show - web res-13114 (1).jpgWith 540 people in attendance, this was the largest BADC Awards in over 15 years and boasted several new entrant companies.

Said Garry Smith, 2016 BADC president: "We are very proud to have such brilliant work being justly awarded, and with the backing of our incredible sponsors, being able to celebrate the work with such a fantastic gala dinner 004-BADC 2016 awards - best of show - web res-13116 (1).jpgcomplete with Grinder Girls, a  Fire illusionist and pyrotechnics".

GPY&R took home 5 Gold, 6 Silver, 6 Bronze, closely followed by Engine Group with a tally of 4 silver and 11 Bronze. Rumble Creative & Media made its mark with its "Ugly Xmas Rashie " and Bishop Outdoor Advertising campaign and matched Publicis Mojo with 2 Gold and 5 Silver.  005-BADC 2016 awards - best of show - web res-13121 (1).jpgRumble art director Bec McCall also took home 4 silver trophies for Craft Art Direction.

All of the medalist and finalist work will be available to view with full credits and videos, on the BADC website later this week. 


next Thursday said:

Hope you got your name on it Mr Greeney

Woah! said:

Thommo looking lean & mean. BOOOOOM!

Y&R NZ said:

Nice one Brisbane.

Dafuq? said:

Hmm... It seems poaching ideas is rewarded up there in Brisbane.

Coincidence said:

Or pinched?

garbage man said:

Looks like someone is getting their ideas from other agency's bins

Congrats said:

on getting away with it

Whatever... said:

Haters gonna hate!

True said:

Theives gonna thieve.

??? said:

How was it stolen and off who?

Interested said:

Seriously curious.

Anyone got any substantiation for their claims?

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