Industry heavyweights get behind business school The Plato Project's recent workshop

BqaN9zm77ZPWRkM8oo0pVHL_3WO27eRj7x1bas_WU6M (1).jpgOn Wednesday 26th of October, The Plato Project, a new business school, launched a workshop series to engage the creative industry and business communities in re-imagining the application of traditional business approaches.

The workshop series is designed to foster for-purpose business and a new wave of mindful leaders. The focus is on capability development, encouraging new thinking for our next generation of entrepreneurs and business leaders.
hMLawIOeS_KVhwlxKfX7-qLRhY6o7_ftBIIVvnYE-c4 (1).jpgThe workshops explore concepts such as: How do we develop brand strategy that embodies Purpose? Can we use brand to stimulate employees and workforces to do things in a different way? Can we use bradn to speak to individuals' motivations so that they feel empowered to do, create and deliver great things? How can we power profit by embracing purpose? And Urban brand-utility, brev41p50AYmxqnZIMFQMl3TxYS9V0EbMC9ig66qZ3Q (1).jpga radically innovative concept developed by Starcom strategy director, Sergio Brodsky, aiming at reframing the marketing and advertising industry from the promotion of conspicuous consumption to becoming a regenerative force in the economy of cities.

Says Nick Davis, general manager, Landor: "The Plato Project is reflecting on kxBHiVqeApblSk84LYCAFnUZt_7CbMN1UVrx2Xo84TY (1).jpgsome major changes in how people are thinking about - and doing - business. What I like about it is the leaning toward practical skills and application, beyond the discussion of new theories and philosophies. It's very focused on the utility it can provide."

The Plato Project launched last week in Melbourne with a 220 strong crowd of socially conscious professionals at All Press Studios in Collingwood. Guest speakers included: Barb Hyman, EGM, people and culture, REA Group; Simon Griffiths, founder, Who Gives a Crap; and Helen Souness, managing director, Etsy. As part of a panel discussion, led by Plato Project co-founder and CEO Omar de Silva, they offered insights on organisational culture, purpose-driven business and how to engage and lead millennials in the new workplace.

Says de Silva: "Plato Project exists to redefine business education and success in line with the three major trends that mainstream universities continually fail to respond to: mindful leadership, entrepreneurship, and purpose. What's more, we go about it with a pedagogical approach and industry partnerships to develop outcomes universities simply cannot offer."

The workshop series will run bi-weekly and upcoming workshops include:

Leading vs managing: embracing ambiguity in the new economy
Wednesday 9th November
- Sergio Brodsky, Strategy Director, Starcom
- Elliot Costello, Co-founder and CEO, YGAP

Narrative driving business model & strategy design
Saturday 19th November, 10am - 4pm
- Lucio Ribeiro, Head of Digital, The Online Circle
- Guy Munro, Business Director, Imagination

Empathy & strategy
Wednesday 30th November
- Phil Phelan, Head of Strategy & Consulting, SapientNitro
- Anny Havecroft, Director, Thirtyfive Ventures



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