Carnivore Club gives hope to meat-loving outcasts in new campaign via McCann QLD

Screen Shot 2016-11-28 at 6.33.06 AM.jpgThe world's most exclusive club for discerning carnivores has launched in Australia this week, with an ad giving solace to meat loving Australians who have been cast to the side and rejected in an era of clean-eating created by McCann Queensland.
Carnivore Club teamed up with McCann Queensland to create a raw and heartfelt production with a clear message to Aussie meat-lovers - you are not alone.
Benjamin Davis, ECD, McCann Queensland and self-proclaimed carnivore, said it was a project the team were proud to be a part of if it meant they could help the many hungry, neglected and lonely Australian carnivores out there.

Says Davis: "For too long carnivores have been misunderstood and much maligned for their simple love of meat. I'm just glad there's a club out there to help these lovely creatures.
"Finding a carnivore in their natural habitat is becoming increasingly difficult in these times of vegetarian, gluten free, soy milk, chai latte insanity. It's even more difficult for them to find true love. Thankfully Carnivore Club care deeply about these misunderstood creatures."

The video ad campaign is supported by the launch of the Meat Your Match dating website which uses a series of carnivorous compatibility algorithms (CCA) to match carnivores with their salami loving soulmate. Carnivores can 'meat' their destiny by searching for partners which similar emotional, physical and gastronomical needs.
Chief meat eater and founder of Carnivore Club, Tim Ray said that it was Australia's meat loving reputation and Carnivore Club's desire to bring more meat lovers together, that prompted the launch of the Meat Your Match dating service exclusively in Australia.
Says Ray: "Australians have shown us that they have a true passion for meat, but sometimes they're ashamed to admit it. We want Aussies to embrace their love for meat and what better way to help them do this than match them with a compatible carnivore who shares a similar taste for charcuterie."
Lonely carnivores seeking solace in a meat loving partner can join Meat Your Match at and can visit to join Carnivore Club.
Chief Meat Eater: Tim Ray
Agency: McCann Queensland
Executive Creative Director: Benjamin Davis
General Manager: Phillippa Netolicky
Group Account Director: Mia Hamilton
Copywriter: Benjamin Davis & Fiona Self
Art Director: Benjamin Davis & Jackie Dewar
Account Manager: James Fewtrell
Production: Cartel Film Production
Director: Davros El Davros
Executive Producer: Damion Tiernan
Producer: Katherine Cooke
Director of Photography: Sam Scoufos
Post-Production: The Empire Post
Post Production Producer: Georgia Martin
Offline Edit: Digby Hogan
Online/Comp: Tim Baker
Sound Design: Ross Batten


Wow said:

That's horrible.

Award Show said:

...and the award for the biggest pile of shit goes to this ad.

etch said:

What did i just watch

Some young guy said:


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Kitty said:

LOL that's gold! Now I am hungry, job well done!

Single Guy from Melbourne said:

this is defimeately down my alley.

No comment said:

Poor James. I'm glad he is happy now. Very funny.

Mixed Messages said:

I thought this was an ad for a regular meat delivery club, like Dollar Shave Club, but for meat.

Then I thought it was actually for a dating site.

Then I realised it was actually a regular meat delivery club thing.

By which time I had decided against using the service.

Good product, bad execution.

Bruce said:

This is awesome!!

Amateur hour said:

Love seeing agency comments.

Awkward. Talentless. Drivel.

At least cast a guy with small shoulders and arms to attempt a little more of an illusion...

Wtf said:

Ha ha ha

Ha said:

The agency comments are so ridiculously over the top, it's hilarious. It does make sense next to the ad.

Hahaha lame! said:

You agency guys might want to tone your comments down a tad. Saying something is funny doesn't make it funny.

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