Jaguar Australia taps Celtra's miniscroller format to redefine mobile advertising experience

Jaguar-mobile.jpgIn collaboration with GroupM agency Mindshare, Creative technology platform Celtra, Fairfax and, Jaguar Australia is attempting to redefine the brand experience on a small screen with user experience at its core.

Launching their first SUV, Jaguar tasked their media agency to do the opposite and show why the F-PACE is different.

"We challenged our Mindshare team to think outside of the box and work with the emerging Celtra platform." says Tim Krieger - General Manager, Communications and Public Relations, JLR. "The final creative is an innovative format for the Jaguar F-PACE, which aims to drive quality engagement in a mobile native environment. We're really excited to see the results."
In collaboration with Celtra, Mindshare unlocked a first to market opportunity to show mobile advertising can be powerful, demand attention and have a positive brand influence in the market.

For the first time in Australia, Celtra's miniscroller format was launched across the Fairfax portfolio. The miniscroller demands attention, but without being intrusive. The concept was to provide a natural introduction and dismissal of an ad through a scrolling behaviour, which is natural on a mobile - to capture and hold attention but not cover content. Creatively, animation was then added using the reactive API, which picks up positon of the window on the screen and allows the car to "drive" around a corner as the user scrolls through the content. Adding in a full screen vertical video, once interacted with, allowed Jaguar to take care of all of the phones real estate and show they really understood the shift in the way users consumed content.

Mindshare also looked to to run Celtra's interscroller format with embedded video with fast paced edits and text combinations to keep the user engaged, and empower brands with a revolutionary new way of storytelling. Truly made for the mobile experience, they also added a 360 panorama and allowed users to explore the SUVs interior, using the phones gyroscope functionality.

With the rise of ad blockers on mobile, and the conversation around interruption on a personal device, Jaguar was able to create an experience that balanced bringing immersive brand exposure whilst putting the consumer first.


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A link would have been nice. To me it still looks like an ad and I wouldn't think twice about scrolling past.

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