Macleay College launches digital media courses

Digital Media_870 x 445.jpgGeneration NOW has deemed the currency of communication to be digital. From YouTube, Instagram, Vines, Snapchat and social channels that don't even have a name yet, everyone wants engaging and entertaining content, fast. It's a race between brands to see who can develop timely, strategic and snackable content that is shared and liked around the world.

Over the last ten years the media, marketing and advertising landscape has changed rapidly and professionals now need to be multi-skilled more than ever. That's why in 2017 Macleay College is introducing Digital Media courses to take the digitally savvy generation and teach them the skills and know- how to succeed in the digital age.
Says Chantal Abouchar, founder and CEO of Australia's first Media Accelerator THE STUDIO: "In the future, every business will need to have a person who can create digital content."

Likened to the modern day arts degree, the Digital Media course is designed to create well-rounded graduates who are highly employable.

With job titles being created almost daily, Digital Media graduates have unlimited career options.

Says Ian Thomson, head of faculty, Macleay College: "Career paths are no longer linear. We need to be developing creative thinkers, strategists, problem solvers who can apply a concept to any form of media and are not limited by the media they have training in."

It's not enough to have a piece of paper; graduates need to have relevant work experience to set them apart.

Says Kim Chatterjee, UX specialist: "In the future we will need graduates who can solve problems no matter what their nature. Then as they gain more industry experience they can move into strategic roles".

Macleay College has a long history of collaborating closely with industry: from working on client briefs to completing internships, students are exposed to the real working world from day one.

More about Digital Media at Macleay College:
• Diploma of Digital Media- 1 year
• Bachelor of Digital Media- 2 years
• Available in Sydney & Melbourne
• Study full-time or part-time
• FEE-HELP available

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