Nylon Studios composer Adam Moses wins Best Music in a Short Film Award at APRA Awards

Adam.jpgAt last week's APRA Screen Music Awards musos emerged from the shadows of their studios, exchanged a guitar for a martini, and joined their fellow musicians to celebrate another year of Australian screen music.

Included in the talented list of nominated composers was Nylon Studios' own, Adam Moses, who took home Best Music in a Short Film for Banana Boy. Moses took the stage to receive his first Screen Music Award marking the occasion with a celebratory on-stage selfie.

Written and directed by Steven Woodburn, produced by Sam Smith, and funded by Screen NSW, Banana Boy tells the story of a young refugee boy separated from his mother and the epic journey he undertakes to re-unite with her.
Says Moses: "It was a really interesting story and one that resonated with me as the grandchild of 2 political refugees," says Adam, "I wanted to create a score that reflected the light and dark of the film, blending organic with synthetic instrumentation, and creating a distinctive modern and contemporary score - different to the traditional orchestral sound. I ended up building myself a number of synths from scratch that became thematic throughout the whole film."

Says Hamish Macdonald, global EP, Nylon: "Adam's win is only a testament to what we've known about him for a long time; he's one of the best and continues to put the utmost care into his craft whether it's for a film or an ad. We're so proud to have such amazing talent here at Nylon."


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