VICE food channel Munchies partners with Jack Daniel's to produce appetite-whetting content

2016-11-24.jpgVICE, through its global food channel Munchies, has partnered with Jack Daniel's Australia to produce a suite of native video and editorial content exploring American BBQ food and hospitality.

The campaign is centred around a tent pole video, which sees Munchies Australia head to premiere BBQ joints in Sydney and Melbourne, meeting their chefs, learning their secrets, and seeing the new spins they're putting on what has become an American art form.

Local talent from Fancy Hank's and Le Bon Ton in Melbourne, and Luke Powell from LPs Quality Meats in Sydney star.

Says Mike Patrick, Fancy Hanks in Melbourne: "It was super rad to work with the Munchies crew. It was great to be able to talk about and share my passion for BBQ with people who love food as much as me. I hope our clip will be as cool as the video I just watched of Prodigy cooking BBQ salmon in a toaster oven but if not I enjoyed doing it anyway."

Says Will Balleau, Le Bon Ton in Melbourne: "My brother and I have been huge fans of VICE for years. It was a pleasure to show the guys around our venue and share our love of traditional American BBQ. It was humbling and honouring to even be chosen for the feature in the first place."

Says Luke Powell of LPs quality Meats: "It was a real pleasure to work with the VICE team for the 'Jack Daniel's, Southern BBQ Downunder' project, It is an easy topic to talk about because of my love for all the meats and especially because smoked meats are the finest of all the meats."

Following the video will be four recipes, from each of the talent featured in the video.

Read the first of the recipes here.

The native content series forms part of the wider Jack Daniel's American Serve campaign--a new ready to drink launch from Jack that has more whiskey taste and less mixer.

To conclude the campaign, VICE will hold an immersive event, sponsored by Jack Daniel's, at Le Bon Ton in Melbourne's Collingwood on 30 November, heroing the talent, content and Jack Daniels' American Serve.

The public have a chance to win tickets here.


Appetite whetting? said:

More like mind-numbingly boring

BS said:

The Viceland tagline is something like 'for youth, by youth' and they're producing this rubbish. No youth are gonna buy into, or watch this. They lack ideas, style, and good execution. Get it together Vice.

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