AAMI extends roadside assistance to Santa's sleigh this Christmas in new campaign via Edge

AAMI_Elf_Mechanic__DSC0088_1200x686.jpgAAMI has decided to give Santa some support this holiday season by offering roadside assistance for sleighs. Seriously. After genuinely amending the remit of their Roadside Assist service, Santa's sleigh will covered by unlimited callouts this Christmas should he break down unexpectedly.
Sydney content and advertising agency Edge has come along for the flying ride by developing a mini mockumentary featuring the man who stands to benefit most - Santa's Elf Mechanic, Sven Svenson, who has always been the one to drag himself out with a toolbox in the middle of the night. This year, AAMI's Christmas offer will help him take a much needed break.

To further demonstrate AAMI's commitment to keeping Christmas deliveries on time, Edge also put AAMI-branded Roadside Assist tow trucks on the roads carrying broken down sleighs around Melbourne, Sydney and the Gold Coast, featuring Santa in the passenger seat happily singing Danke Schoen.

Says Matt Batten, executive creative director at Edge: "For AAMI to make a change like this to their Roadside Assist service shows a great commitment to the holiday season, and to having fun."

Adds Angela Grogan, social media advisor for AAMI: "Our latest product service extension - AAMI's Roadside Assist now covering Santa's Sleigh - opened up a unique opportunity to develop creative content that genuinely cuts through the clutter at this busy time of the year to engage the Australian community, and add to the magic of Christmas."

In addition to the online film and AAMI tow trucks, Edge is amplifying the campaign with social activation through blog posts to help all Australians making long drives this Christmas to see friends and family.


No gift here said:

If content is the future; the future is poorly written, poorly edited nonsense like this.
2 minutes 14 to deliver a 2-second thought bubble?
No linkage to the website?
And more ham than Woolworths.
It's no wonder most think advertising had lost its way with such mediocre banality on display.
Merry Christmas.

What my five year old made of this said:

Since when do reindeer breakdown? Maybe a vet would be more useful? Didn't know Santa traveled on the road, he flies around on that thing, right?

want to like it... said:

But afraid it's epically boring. Out of interest, I thought Ogilvy handled AAMI?

Luke Warm said:

So long (should be less than half the length), so dull, no real humour. pay off etc. And subtitles? Is that so you can understand it with the sound down because I got every word he said. Really, it would have been completely obvious as a script that this had no joy or entertainment value. If they were hoping performance would add the magic, well Robin Williams couldn't have made this watchable.
Why PR this rubbish?
And there's too much of this kind of crap looking for attention.

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