Alt.vfx CD and VFX supervisor Nick Lines creates new 'President Erect' VR punch 'em up game

15492508_160252151118932_3463263583596670103_n.jpgAs President Elect Donald Trump prepares to take over the White House in a month's time, Alt.vfx's creative director and VFX supervisor Nick Lines has created a timely interactive VR game that celebrates the new incumbent of America's highest office.

'President Erect' - available for free download on Steam - has been designed to allow a single player to interact with a comedy Trump-stick via the medium of VR.

Says Lines: "After attending the VRX 2016 conference in San Francisco I was inspired to create my own VR game using the HTC Vive. After over a year of election coverage here in the US I was looking for a way to express the discontent many of us are feeling."

Says Colin Renshaw, co-founder, Alt.vfx: "Nick combined his warped sense of humour and his extensive VFX experience and out came President Erect! Here at Alt we're no strangers to irreverent humour, and Nick's playful and energetic game hits the right spot for us. Our VR team are about so much more than VR being 360 videos, which is why when the guys create these kind of experiential gold, we love to get behind them."

In the immersive environment of the Oval Office, players can punch or slap a gigantic Trump head with abandon, and if they are feeling adventurous, they can even choose from a range of celebrity dildos to whack the soon-to-be-Leader of the Free World across the face with.

For more information on the game, visit the President Erect Facebook page here -

President Erect by Nick Lines is available now on the Steam Store:


Trumpet said:

As an American, I am outraged that our future President has been ridiculed in such a way. This asshole wouldn't dare hit Mr Trump in the face with a dildo in real life!!

Bring on the break said:

Slow news day

Builditandtheywillcome said:

It's already a hit. Instant classic.

littlewilly said:

is that Obama's dick?

It's time... said:

To grow up.

Aussie Fan said:

Well done! About time someone punched this douche in the face!! Glad someone has the balls to stand up to him... or dildo should I say LOL

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