Victorian water safety campaign via Evergreen Advertising + Marketing targets older Victorians

Evergreen play it safe by the water.jpgThe Victorian Department of Justice and Regulation has released a new safety campaign Evergreen Advertising and Marketing, with the aim to reduce the number of older Victorians drowning.

Older Victorians seek more lifestyle related activities in their retirement years, and water based activities such as swimming, boating, fishing or just walking our State's beautiful waterways is a favourite pastime for many.

However, as people age, they are more likely to be on medication which can often affect reaction times and judgement. Fitness levels also play a significant deciding factor in drowning rates, as people remember their confidence and ability of younger years without fully realising how age impacts on fitness.

The campaign was created by 50+ specialist agency Evergreen Advertising and Marketing in response to research that shows people aged over 65 are at greater risk than other groups.

Lerna Avakain, senior adviser, Victorian Department of Justice and Regulation said they researched four concepts from different agencies with the target audience, and Evergreen's concept was the clear winner.

Says Avakain: "Viewers understood every element of the message and it had the balance of information without overdoing the scare tactics."

Gill Walker from Evergreen Advertising and Marketing said the agency was pleased to be involved in such an important safety campaign.

Says Walker: "Using animation for the creative execution helped produce a very simple and visually-compelling commercial. The dangers are expressed in a matter-of-fact way through word animation, rather than identifying with individuals.

"It was vital that people were presented a solution; we want to keep them enjoying water. Fear campaigns might create impact, but with older audiences they rarely modify behaviour. As humans we decide to ignore what we don't like."

The campaign has been created for television, cinema, radio and social and it will be seen throughout metro and regional markets from December 18, 2016.

Strategist: Gill Walker
Art Director: Doug Molino
Writer: Tony Colman
Production House: Yukfoo
Music: Frank Strangio


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