Powerball reminds Christmas travellers to grab a ticket with major activation via GPY&R Brisbane

_PC_8905 (1).jpgChristmas holiday makers have been given a very visible reminder to grab a Powerball ticket before they jet away on their holiday, with a new outdoor activation created by GPY&R Brisbane.
In partnership with Alliance Airlines, the agency gift-wrapped an 80-seat private jet and parked it on the tarmac in front of Brisbane's busy domestic terminal.
_PC_9030.jpgSays Ben Johnson, brand portfolio manager, The Lott: "Winning Powerball gives you ultimate freedom. At Christmas time, that could mean the freedom to buy someone a gift they've always dreamed of."

Says Brendan Greaney, ECD, GPY&R Brisbane: "We wanted this year's Christmas campaign to capture maximum eyeballs and engage with travellers in a fun way. Also I wouldn't mind if someone gave me a private jet."
The 'Dream Gift' activation is supported by PR as well as a snap-and-share social promotion.
The Lott
Head of Demand Generation: Andrew Shepherd
General Manager - Marketing (Lotteries): Jill Every
Brand Portfolio Manager: Ben Johnson
Assistant Brand Manager: Kimberley Garner
GPY&R Brisbane
Chief Creative Officer Y&R Group ANZ: Josh Moore
Executive Creative Director: Brendan Greaney
Production Director: Michelle Short
Creatives: Andrew Leftley, Ash Kennedy, Katelyn Testa, Nick Williams
Group Account Director: Mark Gregory
Senior Account Director: Lucy Flower
Head of Broadcast and Content: Kohbe Vela


Wait a sec said:

Nick gets credit even though he's left the place. How very un-Patts like.

Dom said:

Very Greaney-like though. Another very nice piece of outdoor.

Wait 2 secs said:

Josh Moore get credit even though this campaign was all Coulson, that's very Josh like.

Good extension of the campaign though, nice work.

yep that's how they roll. said:

I totally agree with you, Ben.

Puff said:

"Supported by PR"?? Isn't that what this is?

Viral said:

Never seen that before....pretty damn good

George said:


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