Prezzee addresses the pain points of peak gifting time in new above the line campaign via Chello

Screen Shot 2016-12-23 at 8.27.13 AM.jpgAustralian online digital Gift Card marketplace Prezzee has launched an extensive and strategic above the line campaign for Christmas via Chello.

The strategy behind the campaign is to address all the pain points associated with peak gifting times in Australia, especially Christmas. Australians are getting busier which leaves us less time to find the perfect Christmas gift. Prezzee's digital platform is accessible anywhere, anytime and on any device. Gift Cards from some of Australia's biggest retailers can be sent instantly or scheduled for the day you want them sent.

Some key points about the campaign:
    • Highlights the ease of last minute Christmas shopping
    • This campaign is part of Prezzee's growth strategy via amplifying a simple message and addressing a pain point of 'what gift to get that person who has everything'
    • Prezzee is a solution based product solving problems for the buyer and receiver
    • Strategically launched a new feature of being able to schedule email delivery of Gift Cards. This allows the buyer the ability to buy now and automatically set up send on the day of the event.
    • To maximise the above the line campaign across radio and TV Prezzee has also introduced a feature that many successful tech companies are attributing their growth to; Refer a friend with the incentive of bonus Gift Cards  

image01 (1).jpgPrezzee also turns 1 this month and has had significant success to date including the investment partnership with the Precision Group. Precision Group is a major backer of Prezzee and has fuelled the start up with significant investment.

In just one year Prezzee has gone from 5 to over 40 retailers on board. The key selling point leading into Christmas is the Prezzee Swap Card. At a time where flexibility is king, it gives the receiver the ability to choose where to spend their digital Gift Card and ensures it can't get lost.

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