Victorians asked to plan and prepare for fires in new 'Summer Fire' campaign via The Fuel Agency

eac299bc-465d-4c9c-9b23-dcbad6407571 (1).jpgDecision-making is critical in emergencies, which is why Victorians are being asked to plan and prepare now for a hot and dry summer with significant fire risk. The Summer Fire Campaign, via The Fuel Agency, has launched, prompting all Victorians to be better prepared for bush and grassfire.

Emergency Management Commissioner Craig Lapsley said planning and preparation was fundamental to good decision-making and the key to saving lives in an emergency.

Says Lapsley: "The potential consequences of fire mean the decisions you need to make - how you plan, prepare and respond - must be black and white."

The Fuel Agency's 'The Facts are Black and White' campaign focuses on the devastating trail a fire leaves behind, and the brutal reality; all that's left is black charred remains and white ash.

Using the cruel, cold facts of fire and stark, almost black and white imagery, the campaign lays out what Victorians need to do this fire season, in simple, clear and actionable language.

Says Nicholas Carrington, senior adviser with the Department of Justice and Regulation: "The Fuel Agency was successfully appointed to the campaign following a competitive agency pitch mid-year. Fuel demonstrated a clear understanding of the brief and requirements, developing a strong idea and messaging that immediately resonated with audiences. With an above average summer forecast, this campaign is imperative in providing Victorians with the information required to inform safety and understand risk."

Produced by NewMac, with the stills campaign shot by Christopher Tovo, the campaign includes six targeted TVCs, cinema and radio spots, an extensive press, digital and social media presence, as well as roadside billboards, and other outdoor executions.

Says Ben Growns, CD, The Fuel Agency: "Members of my family lost everything in the Ash Wednesday fires, and more than thirty years later, the memories for them are still vividly clear. When it comes to fire, there really is no grey area, people need to plan and prepare now, and make life saving decisions early on."

The campaign launched regionally on Sunday 4 December, with the metropolitan campaign beginning 11 December. The campaign will run until the end of March 2017.

Creative Agency: The Fuel Agency
CEO: Tim Kidman
Creative Director: Ben Growns
Copywriter: Carey Grahame
Art Director: Chris Bilby
Production: Adam O'Neill
Designer: Sebastian Sarria
Account Director: Faith Campbell

Production Company: New Mac
Account Director: Adam Litchfield
Producer: Greg Toolen
Director: Eugene Perepletchikov
DOP: Simon Davies
Art Director: Tierney MacGregor
SFX: Clint Dodd
Photographer: Christopher Tovo
Audio Post-Production: Paul Baxter

Department of Justice and Regulation
Senior Adviser, Campaigns: Nicholas Carrington
Advisor, Campaigns: Samantha Patterson


George said:

Really good work. Clear, effective, simple, and not over the top.

Well done guys. said:

Important message, simply done, and even an idea woven in.
Expressed in a way that people from all walks of life can understand.

Well done.

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