Carnival Productions kicks off 2017 with the signing of director + photographer Bel Bare

BelBare.jpgCarnival Productions has announced that director and photographer Bel Bare has joined its roster.

Following on from a highly successful career as a creative director in Australia, Bare has carved out a niche as a successful culinary director and DOP. Working across both stills and motion highlights a natural extension of her palette and inspiration as designer.

With the benefit of a strong stills photography portfolio in addition to her motion work, Bare's passport boasts frequent visits to the UK, France, Canada and Australia - such is the diversity of - and repeat collaborations with - her clients.

Says Bare: "When I decided to return to Australia to shoot, I looked no further than Carnival because I wanted to collaborate with a team that were seriously passionate about shooting food. Carnival have aligned themselves with some of the best food shooters in the world, and not by chance - they are very talented. It's exciting for me to be in such amazing company, and on home turf."
'Home' for Bare is wherever the work takes her. Originally from the Gold Coast, a 20- year creative career has seen her talents stretch far and wide.

Her use and love of natural light and an emphasis on working with only the worlds' best stylists further plays into her desire to always deliver an authentic, visually striking brand message.

Says Ben Flaxman, producer, Carnival Productions: "Bel has a wonderful eye - in fact, two of them! Her expert art direction is apparent in every frame; not only is she multi-talented, but I love the fresh, vibrant imagery Bel creates and her use of natural light. I knew straight away I wanted to be in the foodie playground with Bel and her paintbrushes and can't wait to see where her artistic journey with Carnival takes her."

Click here to view Bel Bare's work.

Contact senior producers Benjamin O'Donnell or Ben Flaxman for enquiries: or +61 2 9493 6700.


Joe said:

Congratualtions to everyone at Carnival. Great news.

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