Jif launches new 'End BBQ Neglect' campaign via Zoo Group Sydney, after 19 year marketing hiatus

JIF_Posts-LR[5] (1).jpgMoving Jif Cream from the back of the cupboard to the front, Unilever has launched its cheeky new 'End BBQ Neglect' campaign set to relaunch the product via ZOO Group Sydney.

Following a competitive pitch, ZOO Group Sydney was tasked to reposition the heritage product to appeal to a younger generation after a 19 year marketing hiatus.

The campaign demonstrates how Jif can help save items/possessions at risk of being neglected or even worse, thrown away starting with the key issue of BBQ neglect. Be it a 2, 4 or 6 burner, or the public barbecue at the park, Jif can help keep our nation Snag Happy.

JIF_Posts-LR3[3] (1).jpgSays Paul Bruce, ECD and partner, ZOO Group, Sydney: "My white converse came up a treat. The campaign definitely moves away from the traditional spin used to sell household cleaning products and working with a client willing to test these boundaries to have some fun is always a plus."

Says Paul Connell, JIF_Posts-LR4[3] (1).jpghomecare director, Unilever ANZ: "We are excited about the campaign created with ZOO Group Sydney, and, with their creativity, the possibility of ending BBQ neglect across Australia. It's already gaining traction and a great response from audiences that wouldn't normally engage in the category and we're looking forward to celebrating JIF_Posts-LR6[3] (1).jpgtogether on Australia Day on a shiny Bronte BBQ."

Client: Unilever ANZ

ANZ Homecare Director: Paul Connell
Brand Manager: Krstina Nicolai

Agency: ZOO Group Sydney
Account Director: Sarah Cornish
Copywriter: Angus Loxton
Art Director: Fiona McLeod
Producer: Jasmine Coronado

Strategy: Elliott Donazzan
Executive Creative Director: Paul Bruce
Managing Director: Will Reynolds

Production Company: Paper Moose
Director: Nick Hunter
Producer: Yingna Lu
DOP: Dimitri Zaunders
Art Director: Christina Bouzios
Production Design: Amber Theron
Composition: Andrew Scott
Comedy Consultants: Jazz Twemlow & Seaton Kay-Smith

Post Production: Resolution
Sound: Uncanny Valley

Digital Production: Windsorborn
Media: PHD


Jen said:

Gotta hand it to Zoo, this is a good piece of work. More to come?

My mate said:

Definitely reminds me of Marmite neglect from a few years back: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7R1TDZtNq9g

Not bad though. Some nice touches.

Jimbo said:

Decent piece of work actually. Funny. Well done, Zoo.

Marmite neglect said:

Copy other peoples ads will get you noticed, just not in a good way.

I like the original better said:

If the best we can do is copy the Poms its all a bit sad really.

New exibit at the Zoo, copy cats. said:

I quite liked this until I saw the Marmite campaign. Shame.

Ha said:

Funny ad...........makes me want to eat Marmite.

Embarrassing said:

Client says our brand is being neglected.

MD rights 'neglect' as prop.

Creatives google 'neglect brand campaigns'.

'Marmite neglect' comes up as first search.

Agency shamefully copies idea.

3 things said:

1. Consumers will never see the maramite ads so it doesn't matter a rats ass that they are directly copied

2. Zoo have never had a brand that values creative work and wards like most readers of this blog

3. You don't to clean a BBQ with anything but water and a scraper. Stop trying to create problems that are not there.

I think I saw this last year in the London Zoo. said:

Here's some reference for the case study. Although I'm sure you've already seen it.


@Embarrassing said:


Your spelling is embarrassing.

TLDW said:

Too long. Didn't watch.

Dear Zoo said:

You just can't copy other peoples work. Please stop.

Four-burner said:

Sooo... let me get this straight. The word "neglect" is the same as something Marmite used a few years ago, and that makes it plagiarism?

I watched the Marmite ad first then the Jif one. Different storyline, different casting, different characters, different art direction, different direction. so remind me again what parts are the same?

Oh, one word. There sure are some pissants, sorry, pedants, commenting on this site.

@Embarrassing said:

Thanks Will. Can you please check my spelling of plagiarism.

Come on said:

Marmite neglect is nothing like these ads. No one neglects Marmite, they just don't eat it. People neglect their BBQs thats why this works.

Not a great example to set said:

Guys, you should both know better than this. You could probably excuse the juniors in the agency this time.

Why be original? said:

A good artist borrows, a great artist wins oscars.

I’ve been shameless about stealing good ideas.
Steve Jobs

A good architect borrows, a great architect steals.
Le Corbusier

A good artist borrows, a great artist steals.

Immature poets imitate; mature poets steal.
TS Eliot

Periodontist said:

not awful.
not good.

Hmmmm said:

Looks like a fun and effective campaign. Well done Zoo.

Anna Stanton said:

Having just refreshed my memory by watching the Marmite ad, I think the comparison between this and the Jif ad is unfounded and actually a little unfair on Jif's creative agency. The two are completely different! One is a really quite amusing David Attenborough type character who makes the family's hilariously awkward and it's not about 'neglect' like Marmite's ad; it's about educating the families about cleaning in a humorous way. I'm in no way saying anything bad about the Marrmite ad, I really enjoyed it. This one is just different and it's brilliant. I watched it to the very end, which is rare for me.

fine said:

I don't htink it's a Marmite rip off to be honest, though it does use the word neglect.

I wanted to hate it, I used to work at ZOO and they piss me off, but I honestly thought of buying Jif when I saw it.

I think it's alright.

WW said:

Good work Brucey! Ignore the haters on here and keep up the good work mate. Resch soon.

Get focus said:

This is playing in nz and I cringed at the idea and production even amongst a TV retail Fiesta. Forget plagiarism this is poor unfunny rubbish cobras.

Ari Graham said:

I like this ad, it's clever and funny. It's just what Jif needs. Whilst I see some minimal similarities between this ad and Marmites Neglect - it's too different for some of the harsh comments on here. Come on guys - this isn't plagiarism, but good creative content that I'd happily watch and share.

Retired CD said:

Every bloody ad in this country is copied from somewhere. There are no original ideas any more. I thought the ad was ok. Well done.

Badly executed said:

Terrible continuity too.

Merlin said:

I quite enjoyed it. A lot of butthurt ad people in here.

OOohh said:

It's a double pastiche sandwich: nature doco morphs into charity appeal. ugh.

Missing the mark said:

Apart from the blatant copy no one would ever use Jif on a BBQ. Most of the modern ones are self cleaning. To clean an older one you either use an onion and paper towels or BBQ wipes.

Jif is great in kitchens and bathrooms but that's about it. Australia day will begin at about 8pm if you attempt to clean your BBQ with Jif.

Advertising should boost sales for the client but this unfortunately won't.

Zoo it's probably best not to invent problems that don't exist for a cheap gag.

@missing the mark said:

Spot on. Cheap gag yes, product truth nope.

@missing the mark said:


@missing the mark said:

Yup. A product that can't live up to a made up problem.

Marmite vs Jif said:

The Marmite campaign is great. Strong insight and well executed across multiple channels. The Jif film has no insight and a few awkward laughs.

If you're going to beg, steal or borrow you have to do it better. 1000 times better!

Marky said:

Will the Aussie kids have seen the marmite work anyway.... so might work.....if they find it funny.

My BBQ needs more than an onion to clean it after I've cooked a few snags

@marky said:

Agree. Hardly missing the mark.

All about the results said:

Just got served this ad on FB and it's smashing it.

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