Open Colleges helps students 'Find Your Awesome' in new spot via YOLO + Bohemia

OpenColleges_4212_ceremony (1).jpgAustralian online education provider Open Colleges has announced the launch of 'Find Your Awesome', its new brand campaign platform. It features Monique, a real Open Colleges Education Support graduate and Mum to 4 kids. The campaign was designed by Sydney-based agencies Bohemia and YOLO.

By throwing Monique a surprise party and having her friends and family share how proud they are of her, Open Colleges hoped to inspire other potential students. The campaign encourages people to find their awesome, just like Monique did, and to start working towards those goals that they've put aside for a while, or never felt confident enough to pursue.

Nick Coulman, Open Colleges' head of brand, explains how the marketing team found online student Monique and created the Find Your Awesome campaign.

Says Coulman: "We wanted a new brand platform that builds an emotional connection with prospective students. We want to show them what's it's really like to study online with us, the ups and the downs, and how rewarding the outcome can be for students. Once we decided on the idea of surprising and celebrating a student with a well-deserved graduation party, the next challenge was to find the perfect one. We wanted someone who embodied the traits that we see in lots of our students - busy, determined, dedicated and ready for a new career.

"After many hours on the phone to students who were recommended by Trainers or who won previous competitions, we narrowed it down to Monique. She had the perfect mix of ambition, heart and family values - and as she was now working as a Teachers' Aide with children with disabilities - we knew she had definitely found her awesome."

Coulman explains that Monique found the inspiration she needed to start working towards her career goals when she first saw Open Colleges' TV campaign from 2013, featuring a mum's graduation ceremony in her backyard.

OpenColleges_1179_family (1).jpgNow Monique is the one who will become a source of inspiration for so many other students looking to better their lives, change careers or follow their study goals.

Says Coulman: "The impact education has is clear. Monique's story is a great example of how one person's decision to start studying can have a huge transformative impact on not just themselves, but everyone around them."


onlineeducator said:

This is a nice ad, but with a graduation rate of under 20%, the money should go towards getting those left behind, over the line.

Private, online education = nothing but cash machines.

Sales first... education a very distant second.

40 something. said:

It's a genuinely inspiring, heartwarming film. Nicely shot and honest with a list of proof-points woven in without feeling forced (That ain't easy). My only whinge relates to the tagline. "Find your awesome." Maybe it's a generation thing (I'm about the same age as the woman featured in this film) but the whole 'let's swap an adjective for a noun' thing shits me to tears. It's becoming a tired advertising trope and it smells of lazy. I know.

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