Westpac launches new 'Dear Bump' TV campaign via DDB Sydney, to mark its 200 year anniversary

Screen Shot 2017-01-09 at 9.08.53 am.jpgWestpac has launched a new campaign to coincide with its 200th anniversary via DDB Sydney.

The campaign promotes Westpac's Bump account offering. The spot opens up on a young Australian couple getting ready to deliver their 'bump' with the voice over talking to the unborn baby about the financial difficulties parents face. The spot then goes on to say that if parents open up a Westpac Bump savings account, the bank will transfer $200 for the bump to access when they're older.



Required said:

What a heartfelt spot. My favourite part was when the faceless bank person tells the nameless 'bump' about 'financial difficulties'. Touching. I used to read the Economist to my unborn child and let me tell you, little Mound turned out just fine. Yes his brother Knoll is a bit weird - not Children Of The Corn weird, more Dunston Checks In weird - but we wouldn't trade him for anything since that's technically illegal.

I would like to point out however, that $200 in 2016 will have less buying power in the future. So when 'bump' is 16 and finally gets the money, inflation will have eaten into its buying power. But hey, I'm not an economist, I'm an econometrician.

fan said:

Great idea! Love Cate as the v/o!

JP said:

Nice work.

Bump at 18 said:

What? 200 fucking dollars? Is that all?

Why is nobody credited on this wonderful work? said:

Deposit $200 and gradually whittle it away in fees and charges.

Cynicism aside, this isn't anything to call your mum about. Or your unborn child.

wanna bump? said:

$200 for a bump? At sydney prices that's about right.

Constructive Critic said:

The message is cool - open an account for your young'en and they'll get $200 large.

But the delivery is more smug than an Englishman living in Bondi. It's woeful.

Plus, hasn't Cate Blanchett already done a bank? Aka the commonwealth bank 'Can' spot? Who cares if it wasn't Cate, it's the same generic shit that nobody cares about. Ooh, la-di-da, my bank believes in some high falutin' shite while expecting me to pay through the nose for it. Eff off.

Trying to be constructive, but nothing here - I'd just say let the offer do the talking (great offer, sorta) and get the hell out of the way. It's laboured wallpaper, ye old woman with a cushion up her shirt scene ye labour thing laboured. That's about as constructive as I can get for this. Apologies I couldn't be more constructive, but you obviously couldn't have been more lazy.

Brent said:

New year same fucking ridiculous comments from people without awards, experience or anything better in their own books.

@Brent said:

How many have you won?

I can guarantee any one who has produced something will have something better than this in their book.


Brent said:

@Brent I have enough to know better than to tear other peoples work down. Not every piece of work that comes out of agencies can and will be an award winning piece. And yes, they may not put this in their books, or they may, but grow up and respect your peers in this industry!

Jimmy D said:

Great initiative. Great proposition. Great work. Well done to the DDB team!

GO Brent! said:

well said.

It's only January said:

Hi @Brent,
It's so early in the year and you are already blowing a gasket over an inoffensive TVC that has received some fairly inoffensive comments.
So @Brent, are you perhaps the author of this spot? Your overblown response seems to suggest so.
BTW, could you list all the awards you have won, when and for whom so that we can all measure each other's (metaphorical) dicks about award wins/experience/seniority/right to opinions/etc once and for all?
Take it easy bud, there's a lot left of 2017 still.

Nice one said:

Convincing a client to part with money, let alone give it away, is never an easy task. Great idea, like this a lot.

Old CD Guy said:

Heartening to see the gloves are already off in 2017.

Brendon said:

@Brent... Agree mate,

The problem with this industry is that it is full of self importance and full of idiots who have nothing better to do than to take cheap shots at other peoples work. This is the problem with our industry, if we spent more time working with our peers than ripping them apart, our client might stop think its full of self indulgent kids and start to listen to agencies again.

Stop and think about it people, have some common decency and respect. It you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it. If the work doesn't effect you then get over it and move on, also stop hiding behind fake names and stand up and be counted instead of thinking you are the industries best and not showing who you are.
I challenge all the critics to do better on a paying client, no scam work and then you can criticise once you have earn't that right.

And no i don't work at DDB....

@Brent said:

I'll respect you when you learn not to assume any comment calling your ad trite is from some no-talent junior hack who never won an award. I'll respect you more when you learn to grow up and realise how incredibly dull your work is.

GO Brent! said:

well said.

Upside said:

Great casting

@Brendon said:

But if we can't call something that is obviously shit out to be shit, hurty feelings aside, what the hell are we doing? We're here to make the work better. Hurty hurt hurts aside.

Would you like a bandaid?

Brendon said:

@Brendon said:

Share you last work for us all to see...

No bandaid needed, constructive criticism that make work better yes, not straight out criticism that make you feel better because you have nothing good to share with the industry.

No hurty hurt here pal, i just know the effort, hours and stress that these creatives put in to the work thats shown here. Yes it may not aways be the best and we don't know the full story of why it ends up like it does but at the end of the day, Planner, creatives and production put a lot of hour in to these to only get crap from people like yourself who only want to think they know better by saying "we are only trying to make the work better... Well mr smart arse, tell us how this ad can be made better and we will see if everyone agrees with you.


Pseudonym said:

I was in the room when this script was first presented.
It hasn't changed.

L said:

I agree with Brendan.

JR said:

Reminds me of NAB's More Than Money campaign

@Brendon said:

Try having an idea.

Try making it unique.

Try making it interesting.

Then defend your work.

I won't show you my work as I don't want to be called out – however you can rest assured, I would never promote this kind of crap. Ever. Even the pundits over at Dumbrella are calling this out.

Take it on the chin and do better next time. That's as constructive as I can get. It's trite.

FFS said:

Jesus talk about a defensive bunch of paranoid creatives.

People are obviously tearing this down because they have something against Brent / Brendon / The unnamed creatives who have worked on this. How dare they think this is average work without showing their book? Yes, how dare you.

To be fair, it's very expected for a bank. So well done on that front. And well done on working really hard on something punters dislike. In fact, well done. Well done.

Two Brents don't make a right said:

I got confused who was @Brent and who was Brent replying to @Brent.

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