Bonds tells some 'Uncomfytales' in newly launched campaign via Leo Burnett Melbourne

Screen Shot 2017-02-09 at 8.36.11 am.jpgBonds has launched its latest campaign introducing Comfytails, a new range of underwear aimed squarely at Aussie women in their forties. The campaign, created by Leo Burnett Melbourne, celebrates women via a series of TVCs that tell the 'Uncomfytales' - flashbacks
to the nineties when these women were in their twenties, making underwear mistakes of epic proportions.

The campaign aims at women blessed with the wisdom to know that it's better to be comfy than to persist with some of the trends that characterised their underwear youth. They're not only waving goodbye to the polyester thong, they're fully embracing a new era of being comfortable as well as being fashionable.

Screen Shot 2017-02-06 at 9.21.38 AM.jpgHailed as the underwear to wear for when you've outgrown uncomfortable, Bonds Comfytails features a range of can't-live-without staple undies. A palette of basic colours, stylised florals and textured prints, they are made from super comfy and breathable cotton, and include a seamfree range.

Says Emily Small, head of marketing, Bonds: "These tales will resonate with women who are looking for underwear that feels as good as it looks."

Says Sarah McGregor, head of copy, Leo Burnett Melbourne: "Everyone has a tale of underwear woe -and they're nearly always painfully funny."

The TV spots are supported by magazine and online content.

Client: Bonds
Head of Marketing: Emily Small
Marketing Manager: Michelle Taylor
Senior Brand Manager: Mahli Pullen

Agency: Leo Burnett Melbourne
CCO - Jason Williams
Copywriters: Sarah McGregor & Garret Fitzgerald
Art Director: Joe Hill
Senior Agency Broadcast Producer: Cinnamon Darvall
Senior Designer: Tiffany Wilson
Group Account Director: Amanda Nicoll
Account Director: Emma Lazarou
Director of Integrated Strategy - Ilona Janashvili

Production: Finch
Director: Alex Roberts
Senior Producer: Kate Merrin
Producer: AnnaTara Clark
DOP: Tim Tregoning
Editor: Rodrigo Balart
Sound: Soundloung


Unfunnytales said:

Maybe the idea sounded good on paper?

It's woeful in execution.

Consumer said:

Old lady undies. Got it.

It's an ad said:

Wow. An ad.

It's not a 'tell us your story' about embarassing undie moments, Upload your old undies to instagram and seed it with influencers doing the same.

30 seconds of a bit of entertainment with a pay off, a product and a benefit.

Just might work.

@It's an ad said:

yeah, but it's not a very good one, so it probably won't.

I'm all for going old-school, but do it well.

Not on my 40-year-old ass! said:

"...Now in her 40's she..." way to undo what was a mildly amusing story.

Typo said:

You've written "ComfyTAILS" on your YouTube page. You're welcome.

dear typo said:

It's not a typo
The undies are called Comfytails

qt3.14 said:

Now she's 40 she doesn't want to take her undies off. That's bloody depressing!

like said:

made me smile

Totally shit said:

"Bonds tells some 'Uncomfytales' in newly launched campaign via Leo Burnett Melbourne", and this commentator says "Bonds, not really interested in hearing your trite crap hey".

And that's how the story ended.

bums said:

Made me laugh, but then unlike 99% of the people on this blog I'm female and over 40.

meh said:

Not funny

What is this? Now in her 40s she wants to wear undies up to her armpits!? Not on my watch! Comfy is one thing. But just because we're over 40 doesn't mean we don't want to feel sexy!

Fluffybinks said:

So, if you 40 or over you gotta wear granny pants - so offensive and ageist. Bonds make comfy undies that are not up to the waist you can wear hipsters when you are I. Your 40s or more! Don't get this ad

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