Australia's biggest agency M&C Saatchi brings media into the group with acquisition of Bohemia

BOHEMIA-car.jpgCB can reveal that M&C Saatchi has acquired Bohemia in Australia. Bohemia brings a pedigree in media strategy, dynamic media buying, outcome-based performance media and marketing analytics into the Group.

Says Jaimes Leggett, Group CEO: "Every business in every market is being disrupted. Ours is no different. Bringing media into the Group is the next step in our evolution. With Bohemia in the family, we will have the capability to marry content with context for more influential communications. Driving creative probability through increased media precision.
"M&C Saatchi is a confederation of creative entrepreneurs. With best-in-class capabilities, designed to connect with a consumer at every point they encounter a brand. We chose Bohemia for their rebellious spirit and desire to be transformative and transparent. They're a great bunch of people too."

Says Brett Dawson, CEO, Bohemia: "We are incredibly excited by the opportunity to join M&C Saatchi. We admire their creative ambition, share their values and like the way they do business. As technology continues to disrupt the media operating system, creativity in all its forms will become even more influential in driving client growth. This partnership brings significant benefit to our staff and clients, and will allow us to shortcut and lead the transparency agenda. It will enable our Bohemian spirit to play out on a bigger stage."

Bohemia Group was founded in October 2011. It promised to be a new model agency that marries the art of strategy with the science of media, data and direct response. Bohemia's client roster includes Aspen Australia, Best & Less, Caltex, Elanco,, Open Colleges, Pandora, Steadfast, UBank, Unicef and Unibet.


Grand Theft Auto said:

Is that Skip's ute?

marcus said:

Wy buy a dog that has lost pretty much every client ?

CFO said:

Because it's a cheap dog

Darwin Rules said:

I very much doubt they actually paid anything. If they did, they're stupid...

KS said:

Congrats M&C! The Bohemians are a great bunch.

Zoe said:

Congrats Brett

Finally said:

About time creative agencies started taking media more seriously. I suspect we'll see more of this in the coming months.

Danny said:

Congrats Brett!

Full circle said:

Back to the agency model that worked well years ago.

Naked said:

This sale is to save face. Bohemia only succeeded because WPP/Ogilvy handed them client after client when they launched - Amex, Vodafone etc. They lost them all burning out as quickly as they grew. The Bohemia name will be gone within 12 months.

Flick don't click Mumbrella said:

Pretty certain M&C didn't send this PR release to the Clickbaiters.Hopefully other agencies are are ignoring them as well.Why contribute anything to Mumbrella when they contribute nothing to our industry.More to the point they intentionally sully it.Come on,flick 'em don't click 'em.

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