Kingpin treats itself to royal makeover with new branding via DDI at its Crown Melbourne location

Kingpin visual (1).jpgTransforming a casual game of bowling into a modern 360 entertainment experience, Kingpin has worked with its creative agency, DDI, to unveil a right royal makeover of its Australian brand positioning and its representation in the luxe new Kingpin in Crown Melbourne (8 Whiteman St, Southbank).

Reinventing the bowling experience, Kingpin's edgy new identity demonstrated in Crown lends itself to luxe social events with three licensed bars, three food zones, redesigned bowling lanes, high end private event spaces and a world-class games area.
Kingpin image 3 (1).jpgSays Nicole Noye, chief executive of bowling and entertainment, Kingpin: "Kingpin is a multi-faceted entertainment brand that speaks to a demographic who curate their own lifestyles. It was imperative that the visual and verbal branding across all materials and in-centre evolved with this trend and direction."
Says Angie Laxton, strategy lead, DDI: "Our Kingpin image 4 (1).jpgaudience are whip smart and incredibly saavy - they'll decide what's cool, not us. What we wanted to do was stay true to what this brand is all about... in a nutshell, when you roll at Kingpin, you'll feel on top of the world... royal even."

As part of the brand re-launch, DDI created a new visual and verbal identity, including a new logo that's been affectionately dubbed the 'slashie', reflecting Kingpin's new multi-dimensional experience, its audience (the slashie generation) and with a subtle nod to the universal symbol for a spare in bowling.

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