Krystle Wright joins The Pool Collective

1 (1).jpgThe POOL COLLECTIVE's latest addition is Krystle Wright, an adventure photographer and director who captures and presents unique moments from extreme sports to expeditions across the globe, offering another perspective to The POOL COLLECTIVE's breed of storytellers.

Wright has been working for a range of clients including, Canon, National Geographic, Outside, Outdoor Research, Big Agnes, Patagonia, Red Bull and GQ. She also featured projects at Banff Mountain Film Festival, Telluride Mountain lm Festival, 5 Point Film Festival and many more around the globe.
2 (1).jpgSays Wright: "I love the relationships I've established with the brands, as so often it's not just a business relationship but an incredible collaboration."

One of Wright's most recent projects is for Canon Australia & Canon USA.

Says Wright: "I was given a brief by Canon to see what I could do with the 1DX MII. After 3 (1).jpgthe camera's launch, Canon was craving content that could show off the camera and demonstrate what was possible. I pitched them a photo shoot involving hanging speedlights from a drone whilst photographing kayakers run over 30 - 60ft waterfalls in Washington State, USA. The shoot was a 3 day epic adventure."

Canon Australia and USA were incredibly 4 (1).jpgimpressed with the results of the shoot along with the viral syndication collecting over 250k views online across various streams.

Constantly moving to the next location, Wright is always travelling to different countries for her work, including Antarctica, Pakistan, Baf n Island, Mongolia, Mediterranean, Morocco, and more. She has not rented a home in over 5 years, frequently oversees shooting her next project and exploring the far corners of this earth.

Says Wright: "My biggest fear in life is regret. Photography creates my purpose to seek out adventures around the world. It gives me the ultimate tool in how to engage with the world around me and ultimately communicate these experiences visually."

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