The Precinct celebrates 10 years with 10 course degustation last night at Surry Hills restaurant nel

2Y4C8000.jpgLast night The Precinct celebrated its 10th birthday with an evening fit for the occasion, hosting a 10 course dinner at acclaimed Surry Hills restaurant, nel. Attended by clients, staff and industry; the night was a chance to reflect on the successes the company has experienced over the past decade.

Since launching in February 2007, The Precinct has grown from a couple of guys in a small attic-like office out the back of a film studio to an award-winning production company and branded entertainment agency. Today it produces content for a range of high profile clients including Tourism Australia, Virgin Australia, Westfield and MLA while still creating a number of television series with brand partners and networks including the recent SBS series Coastal Kitchen and the Netflix series "Restaurant Australia" produced in partnership with Tourism Australia.
2Y4C9114.jpgSays Henry Motteram, managing director, The Precinct: "It's certainly rewarding to be celebrating ten years in the industry. Owning your own business can sometimes be a fairly thankless career move so the opportunity to have a party should be grasped with both hands.

"What I'm most proud of today is our team, many of whom have been with the company 2Y4C9135.jpgfor over 7 years, and their constant drive to create awesome work. As in any business, we face obstacles but it's how this team overcomes such obstacles and delivers the best possible result for our clients that constantly impresses me."
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