AWARD announces 110 strong jury to judge the 38th AWARD Awards held Friday, May 26, Sydney

58b79ad8e236a (1).jpgThe Australasian Writers and Art Directors Association (AWARD) has today announced the full line up of jurors for the 38th AWARD Awards - an annual celebration of the most outstanding creative communications work in the Asia-Pacific region.

A total of 110 creatives will be tasked with selecting the 38th AWARD Award winners, with the first round of judging kicking off on 16 March 2017.

This year's jury chairs include:

David Park, Owner, - Maud
Brett Colliver, CD - DDB
Mike Spirkovski, CCO - Saatchi & Saatchi
Shane Bradnick, ECD - DDB
Darren Spiller, CCO - Host
Sinead Roarty, ACD - J. Walter Thompson
Justin Drape, CCO - The Monkeys
Ben Keenan, Principal - Thought Police
Alex Derwin, CD - BMF
Ben Welsh, CCO - DDB
Ben Coulson, CCO - Clemenger BBDO
Says Wilf Sweetland, chairman of AWARD: "Running for 38 years, the AWARD Awards has become a huge annual celebration and a respected benchmark for creative excellence in our region. Each year, we rely on the support of our industry's top talent to help identify and set those standards, and as anyone who has judged in the AWARD Awards before will understand, it is no quick and easy task - we delivered a total of 269 pencils last year alone. I would therefore like to thank our impressive list of judges in advance, for what will be a rigorous few weeks ahead."  

The annual AWARD Awards presentation will take place on Friday 26th May 2017 at CarriageWorks as part of the three-day Semi-Permanent festival of creativity and design.

View the complete list of judges here.


Equality Bot said:

Pray tell why just one female chair? You haven't tried very hard have you AWARD?

DDBoom said:

Also, there is a lot of love for DDB. 3 Jury Chairs is a bit much.

Really? said:

Why is there a recruiter on the jury?

Obviously Busy said:

110 people to judge the work. That's almost as many people as it took to do the work.

And said:

of those 10 male chairs, they are all white chaps.

It's ALMOST like this industry has a diversity problem.


Sigh said:

Embarrassing from AWARD really.

@Really said:

Who's the recruiter?

Hands up all female CD's said:

Who are available/willing to act on the jury this year?

Let's see who you are and how good your work is, compared to the judges already selected. It's time to stand up and be counted and stop the whining.

Female CD said:

To be fair, if you look closely at the juries, there's a pretty equal split between men and women. Not the case when you look at the chairs, but that's probably more a symptom of Australia lacking in women in very senior positions, rather than a call made by AWARD.

Hmm. said:

There are so many women in the jury who haven't won awards it's not funny.

Very unfair to say this is a sexist panel, if anything it's sexist against the many men who are more awarded and experienced than the women on here.

Agreed said:

Yeah, WTF is a recruiter doing judging radio? Holy Mother of God!

Another Sigh said:

Can someone please explain how AWARD choose their dury? Someone made the point earlier that there are women on the dury without awards - whatever - but there are just as many guys on there who've barely scraped a bronze at AWARD before too.

What's the criteria? Who's picking these people?

Dear Agreed said:

If you're talking about Esther being on the radio jury let me assure you... she's been doing this longer than most of us and is a better judge of creative than nearly all of us.

Check your female white privilege said:

Anyone who has judged before knows the chairs don't make a decision, they just preside over the proceedings.

That said, there are a shit tonne of people on this jury who have neither judged nor won an award in their life, so it's bound to be another shit house show not worth entering.

@ Another Sigh said:

Well I'm fairly confident that the people you refer to can spell "Jury" correctly.

Dear 5:16pm said:

Esther isn't the Mother of God. That's Mrs.Droga.

Esther is the Mother of Jobs. Sounds similar, but different,
[until she finds you one, then you say 'Oh my God!' and we're
back to where we started].

@Another Sigh said:

They can spell 'jury'.

Huh? said:

Who picks these judges?
90% of them are in the bottom 10% of award-winners.

Smells like nepotism said:

Sack the board. If they can't find awarded creatives (female and male) who have won in their category then clearly they are just looking after their mates.

The same recruiter two years in a row? What happened to not repeating judges? Why not another well known recruiter (if we are going down that path). Why not Darryl Somers? He's won just as many awards.

This whole thing makes me want to save my money for Cannes.

Oh dear... said:

So I guess the diversity conversation hasn't reached Australia yet.

Before anyone brings out the "It's all about the work" and the "They're the most awarded" etc., consider this: there are structural inequalities and unconscious biases that mean agencies, and certainly top advertising agencies, are predominantly white, middle class and male. Therefore work opportunities and awards will be predominantly white, middle class and male. And you can only get good jobs if you're awarded, and the loop goes on. The difference between equality and equity is that equity gives the disadvantaged extra support so they have equal opportunity. Optics do matter.

Elsewhere in the world, major awards shows are at least pretending to redress the balance. A commitment to 50/50 juries, including jury chairs. Cannes #SeeItBeIt etc.

Oh god, I can already hear all the vitriol brewing.

Well said, "Oh dear..." said:

Damn straight.
And AWARD, great to see an effort to achieve greater equality and opportunity for well-deserving female creative talent.

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